Do Irina Baeva And Gabriel Soto Plan To Have Children In 2021?

In a recent exclusive interview with the magazine Tv y Novelas Mexico, Irina Baeva spoke about the possibility of having children with Gabriel Soto in the not too distant future. The couple has had a consolidated love relationship since 2019.

“Oh my God! Wait for me! As Gabriel said the other time: ‘We’re really looking forward to it’ (laughs). There are plans; in the moment that it has to be given, it will happen, but God’s times are perfect, and now is to be in the here and now, enjoy the moment in which we live, and later to see what happens ”, confessed the actress to the Mexican publication about the possibility of becoming a mother, the result of her courtship with Soto.

Baeva and Soto’s love affair has been very high in the media in Mexico after the soap opera heartthrob was accused of having been unfaithful to Geraldine Bazán, which could have caused their imminent separation. So far, Soto and Bazan have kept quiet about the real reasons for their divorce.

In February 2019, Irina Baeva and Gabriel Soto confirmed their love relationship by posing for the first time together as a couple for an exclusive edition of HOLA! Magazine. Mexico. At that time, the couple decided to clarify all the rumors regarding the courtship that were starting after the separation of the actor and Geraldine Bazán.

“In every story there are versions, but only those involved know the truth,” said a couple of actors to the Mexican magazine at the time of setting a position regarding the rumors that claimed that Baeva had been the cause of the separation of Soto and Bazan.

Regarding their plans as a couple for 2021, Irina Baeva recently assured Tv and Novelas Mexico magazine that they are happier than ever: “We are very happy and content. Our goal is to continue growing and advancing as a couple. I will not say plans, because 2020 taught us that we cannot do them. ”

At the time of being questioned about having a heartthrob like Gabriel Soto as a couple, Baeva mentioned that she is very proud of him: “I’ll be honest: I see him as someone normal because putting your partner as something unattainable is not good. We are on the same page in that regard; it’s good to be very proud of each other. ”

Currently, Gabriel Soto and Irina Baeva have not been exempt from being immersed in major scandals that have caused a stir on digital platforms. In mid-December, Soto suffered the leak of an intimate video in which he appeared masturbating in a hotel room.

When pronouncing on the scandal, the Mexican actor assured that the video belonged to him and that he felt vulnerable to the violation of his privacy. On the other hand, Gabriel Soto asked the media to handle everything with the utmost discretion to prevent his daughters from being affected by what happened.

Likewise, Irina Baeva asked the media to be very careful when reporting on the intimate video of Gabriel Soto out of respect for her daughters, Elisa Marie Soto and Alexa Miranda Soto.

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