The talented Mexican actress and singer Danna Paola does not stop reaping successes. Controversy, with each step she takes at a professional level, and even in her personal life, where the interpreter stands out because she is always characterized by communicating her feelings without any filter, which sometimes generates all kinds of comments about the remembered “Lucrecia” from the Netflix series ÉLITE.

Sincere and without mincing words, Danna confessed to her country, Mexico, in the podcast of her record label Universal Music, called On the Go and presented by Eliane Gallero, here she assured how difficult it was to return, after spending a time living in Spain attending different professional commitments.

“Going back to Mexico was one of the things that shocked me the most emotionally. I did not want to return, I was living in Spain, having to return and suddenly the pandemic falls, cancel the tour, it was yes or yes you have to learn to live with yourself and be at home, see how it works to be a completely normal person and say ‘Now what do I do?'” assured Danna Paola.

Likewise, the girl revealed that this whole process of confinement led her to face and drain different situations with which she discovered she was not comfortable, “I have released toxic things from my life that one does not realize. It has been very healing, “he said, and even advocated the importance of respect and self-love as tools to stand up to adversity, always having sincerity as a flag.

Your fight against anxiety

Danna Paola talks about how her battle against anxiety, a problem that has afflicted her for “many years,” returned strongly this year. “It is something that I have suffered for some time … I try to take those things to give him her time, her moment and say ‘It’s good to be bad'”.


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Regarding anxiety, the interpreter of “Do not dance alone” indicated that it is not necessarily linked to relationships with a couple, but rather it is a kind of domino effect that branches out to your life in general: “It not only has to do with a couple, but you can also even have toxic relationships with yourself, and that is something that speaks of self-love, and I learned a lot this year. Love yourself, allow you to analyze yourself and love yourself as you are because, in the end, this is a bond and what matters is what is inside”.


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