Daniela Castro’s Father Dies After Hard Fight Against Covid-19

52-year-old Daniela Castro is going through a bad time and it is that her father, the composer Javier Castro Muñoz, died due to the consequences of Covid-19 that had him hospitalized for a long time, but finally the family decided to disconnect him because his prognosis did not it was not at all favorable.

Although the actress has not shared anything on social networks because her last publication was about the death of her uncle Arturo, who died in March, in that publication the artist referred to her father as a great human being and thanked him for not leaving her in the most difficult moments.

As expected, it was in that same publication, where Daniela Castro’s fans and even colleagues from the show business such as Verónica Castro offered their condolences to the famous woman who for a long time has been away from the entertainment world, after the scandal. that she faced for the alleged robbery but was ultimately proven innocent.

This problem not only caused problems in her professional career, which has been in show business for several years, but many people moved away from her, because the artist herself made it known, despite everything she prefers to be focused on her family and more in this painful moment.


“I’m very sorry Dany I hope you are well I send you a big hug for all of you that your dad RIP”, “Kind regards to ….. A Great First Actress …… from Querétaro …. we are with you “, write the fans of Daniela Castro.

For those who do not know, the Mexican artist has also defended herself from the dimes and diretes that continue to be thrown at her on social networks, because on one occasion she claimed a journalist in a very elegant way with which many thanked her since she did not do a scandal.

Another of the things that Daniela Castro is very loved in the world of soap operas is because of how she interprets her characters, especially those of a villain where she makes it clear that these roles are spectacular for her like the one she did in Lo que la vida me robó, where she played the fearful Graciela.

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