As we publish here, the Mexican actor and singer, Christian Chávez, a former member of the RBD group, is once again in the eye of the hurricane, this time because of unconfirmed rumours of his possible infection with the acquired immunodeficiency virus (HIV) are returning. The interpreter would live since before 2016 when the magazine TVNotas published said information, including his constant contact with sex workers, to whom he allegedly offered money to have unprotected relationships.

The former sex worker, known by the name of “Josh,” revealed that he lives with HIV and that it was Chávez who infected him, so he is willing to initiate a legal process against the interpreter, since they have unprotected sex, knowing that you are infected with HIV and could threaten the health of your partner, it is a crime severely punishable by law in the United States, more specifically the state of California, where the 35-year-old resides, who assured TVNotas in an interview, having met Chávez “by chance.” 


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Christian Chávez, a former member of the RBD, is accused of transmitting HIV to a male escort. The boy, who identifies himself as Josh, gave an interview to the Mexican magazine TV Notas. According to the sex worker, he met Chavez through the Grindr relationship app.

“In October 2012, he wrote to me through the app and asked me to send him pictures of my ‘member.’ He introduced himself as ‘Antuan’ and described himself as versatile, but covered his face in the photos,” he said. Maico Kemper, the ex-boyfriend of the artist, told him that Chávez was HIV positive. “He told me he was going to Social Security to get Christian’s medications because he didn’t want the press to find out. At that moment, I felt the world crashing down on me, and I confirmed that he infected me.”

In the Mexican show, Josh declared that he is suing the singer for having infected him on purpose. “He convinced me to take the condom off. I asked him if he was ‘clean’ had no HIV or any STDs, but he was offended and replied that I had nothing to worry about. He offered me 500 pesos [about 130 extra] for me to do that and accepted, “he said.

“The first time we didn’t go into the house, we went up to a terrace. He told me that he had ‘sweets’ (drugs) to have a better time, he offered me some, and I accepted to break the ice; Well, he was already a party. “Josh said about his meeting with former RBD Christian Chávez, according to the TVNotas interview

Christian Chávez speaks

The Mexican had not spoken a word until today when through his stories on his Instagram profile, he was charged with a forceful message to deny the accusations. “One cannot go through life clearing up rumours and gossip, let them think what their #### earns them, and that’s it …” Chavez said, implying that this is the last time he will comment on the subject.

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