Chiquis Reveals That Someone “Very Close” To Rosie Stole $ 80,000 From Jenni Rivera’s Company

Jenni Rivera’s daughter spoke out and assured that they were stealing from the companies that her mother left when she died.

Chiquis Rivera used her networks to, through a live link, denounce the mismanagement that occurred in the companies that belonged to her mother Jenni Rivera, which were under the responsibility of her aunt Rosie Rivera until 2022 that They passed into the hands of her sister, Jacqie Rivera.

Notoriously, annoyed by the statements of her sister Jacqie where she denied that there was any crime of appropriation or theft in Jenni’s businesses by her aunt, Chiquis related:

Rosie said ‘if I go, but if you give me this amount, and you have to sign me where you cannot talk about all this’, I am not part of the will, so I can talk about what I have to talk abou … I do not feel that we owe an apology to anyone, Johnny just wanted to know what was happening with the accounts, with her mother’s business, I think she is in all her rights, my grandmother told me personally that we just wanted the money and the power of Jenni Rivera, who in her opinion had shit my mother’s legacy, that’s good, it’s her opinion, but I know my brothers, it’s not money, it’s not power, we didn’t want the power, nor the responsibility of having control of everything, of business, because it is a lot of responsibility ”

They were robbing Jenni Rivera.

Later, the young interpreter confessed: “I just realized that a couple of years ago, someone was stealing from Jenni Rivera Fashion, someone very close to Rosie, and Rosie knew it, she told my sister Jacqie, in that So, as the money was paid, Rosie paid the money, I don’t know how much, we still have to go see, I think it was like $ 80,000, which was stolen, because that’s what it was, it was stolen ”.

And she added: “Maybe Rosie is not a shoplifter, maybe Rosie did not steal, but she was not honest, she did not tell my brothers what had happened, and it is something that should be said to them because they are the ones from the inheritance. ”.

Regarding the amount that was given to her aunt to finalize the transaction of the change of legal powers, Chiquis explained: “Right now, Rosie is not going to be given $ 165,000, she is going to be given $ 84,000, that is what she is asking for, now Juan is also asking for money ”.

Emphasizing feeling anger and sadness with her relatives for what happened, the first-born of the interpreter of “Enough ya” also stressed:

“And I was not going to talk, because I did not want to start the year like this, I wanted to leave all this problem in last year, and move on as I have done, working, ching $ ndom%, doing my things, but, I am sister, and I am a daughter, and it hurts, and it bothers me, and yes, I have fought with my grandmother, I have fought with Juan, because I am a person that I am very … when I really believe in something, I am firm in that, and I’m very passionate, and I say it because if it doesn’t bother me, that’s what I’m doing right now ”.

Finally, the artist assured that this would be the first and last time she would talk about the subject and that she only did it to make it clear who had the truth of the story.

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