Cepillín Is In Intensive Care, His Son, Reveals He Has Cancer

The son of “Cepillín” confirmed the medical prognosis and related how his father reacted to the surprise announcement about his current state of health.07 March 2021 | Azteca News | Health – Education – And – Well-being – Notes

Ricardo González, better known as ” Cepillín ” has cancer in the spine and due to some heart complications today he had to be admitted to the intensive care area of the hospital he entered a few days ago due to spinal surgery, as confirmed One of his sons.

Interviewed at a hospital in Ciudad Satélite in the State of Mexico, “Cepi”, his son, explained that cancer he suffers from was detected during his stay in this hospital. “That was surprising, the truth is that he left, but I eat son did not want to say anything, that’s the truth, “he replied.

Regarding the progress that the disease has in the body of “Cepillín”, he explained that according to the doctors he is in time to be treated and the specialists will define the treatment to follow, however, it is necessary to wait for his recovery from the surgery greater than was done to start the other treatment.

On the state of mind of “Cepillín”, his son commented that the news about his condition was given by the doctor. “My dad already knows him, he said ‘ I have to die of something ‘ he turned to see us and said ‘I have cancer’, like this …”

“The other time I broke down, I hadn’t told them but I mentioned that my dad didn’t deserve this, all of that has a reason, if he has been a good person, one as a human being says ‘he deserved it’ but no one deserves anything, nobody deserves a strong tab disease ”, said the son of “ Cepillín ”.

He commented that he has not had any symptoms of cancer and that somehow if they had not operated on, they would not have realized that he had the disease.

“The fact that the doctors told us that he was seen on time, within everything reassures us, but we are nervous about everything that gives, that those 72 or 92 hours pass,” he commented.

Ricargo González Jr. said that “today’s blow was very hard, my mother is devastated, we ask God to make it strong for us and he told me yesterday that he already has four or five kilos down but since he is very thin that weight is a lot for him, then God willing … I hope all this happens soon ”.

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