Cepillín Died, After Being Hospitalized, What Happened To Him?

The entertainment world wore mourning this Monday, after the death of Ricardo González Gutiérrez, better known to the Mexican and Latin public, as Cepillín.

The sad news was revealed by the newspaper Milenio, where they reported that the 75-year-old artist died, after being hospitalized in Mexico City more than 10 days ago, due to serious problems in the spine, which forced the doctors to perform an operation.

The son of the so-called “children’s friend”, Ricardo González, confirmed the death of his father, and explained, according to the aforementioned media, that Cepillín died after being intubated and suffering from complications with his heart. He also had pneumonia.

Although after spinal surgery, which lasted more than 7 hours and left a huge incision in the Mexican, Cepillín seemed to be recovering satisfactorily, this weekend his health was complicated in the hospital.

Milenio cited the son of the interpreter of famous songs such as “In the forest of China”, who revealed that in the operation they discovered that his father had cancerous tissues.
“I’m going to say something that I wanted my dad to say when he left because the idea was that he was going to leave on Tuesday, but things got complicated for us and I’m going to have to say it right now. When the hospital does the operation, they see a tissue with cancer, that is, he has lymphoma, so that lowered my father’s immune system and for that reason, they had to have him in intensive care because his immune system was lowered, “said González. .

Cepillín’s son had asked a lot of prayer for his father and he was confident that things would turn out well, and that he would start his cancer treatment in a short time.

“What was discussed was that in three weeks he was going to start treatment because he had just undergone surgery, so that he would recover a little if he had lost some weight. He has it precisely there (the lymphoma), in his back, he could have activated that at the time of the pull on the railing, “he mentioned, recalling that the reason why his father was taken to the hospital was severe back pain.

On February 28, Ricardo González reported that his father had health problems, for which he had to be admitted to the emergency room.

Cepillín’s son shared a video on his social networks in which he showed the precise moment he arrived at the hospital with his father while asking his fans to pray for his speedy recovery.

“We are arriving here at the hospital, the Corporate Hospital Satellite. We are in the emergency room… we just brought my father here to the hospital, ”González said at the time.

“Ask God that it is not something so serious,” was the plea of ​​Cepillín’s son.

Likewise, Cepillín’s daughter, Ayde Gonzalez, clarified that day that her father’s health problems were not related to coronavirus.

“I ask you to please a chain of prayer for my dad, we are in the ER !! I clarify it is not Covid, thank God, “Ayde said on her Instagram.

Cepillín was considered one of the most emblematic figures on Mexican television, and with his songs and programs, many children grew up.

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