Cepillín Died: How Did Mexican Clown Die?

This Monday morning Ricardo González,  Cepillín died at the age of 75, after being diagnosed with spinal cancer.

It should be noted that this Sunday night, Ricardo González Jr , announced that his father ” Cepillín ” was detected cancer in the spine.

In an interview with the media at a hospital in Ciudad Satélite, Cepi said that as a son he had not wanted to say anything, “that’s the truth.”

“They tell me that it is in a moment in time, that it is very in time, it is starting and it can be treated.”

Ricardo said he did not know for the moment what will be the treatment that the artist and singer will have.

Cepi specified that his father, Ricardo González, will have to leave the clinical picture for which he is admitted to the hospital, to be treated for cancer.

Cepillín Has Cancer
Cepillín / Photo

“That’s right because since he had a very strong operation, they can’t do some kind of chemotherapy right now, they can’t, or radiotherapy, because of the wound.”

He said that the news was given to Cepillín by the doctor, to which he replied “I have to die of something.”

“I turn to look at him and he says ‘I have cancer,'” he said.

Cepi explained that this was the reason why in a previous interview he broke down and said that his father “did not deserve this.”

González Jr considered that the diagnosis had been surprising since he had not had any signs of any kind despite his analysis.

He affirmed that the early detection of the disease “within everything reassures us”, although they feel nervous.

He announced that all the treatment received by “the most famous clown on television” will be in Mexico City.

On March 7, the television personality entered intensive care at the Corporate Hospital Satélite, after his symptoms worsened and after having undergone surgery on February 28.

At that time, the son of the television character, Ricardo González Jr. “Cepi”, reported that his father was intubated due to pneumonia and heart failure that he presented and explained that cancer was detected in the lymphatic system.

“When the hospital does the operation they see a tissue with cancer, that is, he has lymphoma, so that lowered my father’s immune system and for that reason, they had to have him in intensive care because his immune system was lowered” he told the press outside the hospital.

Cepillín Died
Rey Grupero visited Cepillín in the hospital. PHOTO: Instagram / @ reygruperomx

It should be remembered that the “TV clown” underwent surgery on his spine, due to excruciating pain in the bone structure. In an interview with various media, Ricardo González Jr. explained that the father’s suffering originated in a domestic incident.

“He was going down the stairs of his house, he was about to fall, but as he is very agile he grabbed the railing and there came pain, a pinch in his back. He went down, but that pain began to increase, “said the comedian’s son.

His son confirmed live that his father died

It was his son who confirmed that his father passed away a few minutes ago; “He was already very deteriorated, his kidney began to fail and for all of us, he wanted to get ahead, he gave him all the desire, but I spoke with my mother to give him strength. I told him not to worry about his family anymore. I spoke with him and after 10 minutes he relaxed ”, explained Cepillín’s son.


Who is Ricardo González, Cepillín?

Ricardo González, better known as Cepillín, is a Mexican clown, television presenter, and singer of children’s music.

Ricardo González studied dentistry in the city of Monterrey and so that the patient child would not be afraid to go to the dentist, he began to paint his face as a clown; hence its stage name.

Thanks to his noble work with children, he was invited by the architect Héctor Benavides to work on a children’s program broadcast on television from Monday to Friday.

The broadcast was so successful that it had to also be broadcast on Saturdays and Sundays and remained on the screens for six years.

Later, Cepillín decided to try his luck in Mexico City and got Televisa to give him a program every day, called El show de Cepillín. This program was educational and comedic in nature with guest artists, including some of the international stature. The broadcast lasted three years on the air.

From the screen he went to the world of music, as Cepillín released songs such as “La Feria de Cepillín”, “Tomás”, “En un Bosque de la China”, “La gallina co-co-ua” and many other songs. For these recordings, he obtained eleven Gold Records, with sales of more than one million copies.

The son of the famous clown also thanked his family for showing affection at this difficult time and when he was admitted to the clinic where he was fighting for his life. “I would like to give you a good prognosis, but they have just told me that my father has just passed away (…). He was a very strong person; a warrior ”, he announced in the middle of a television program.

Some personalities from the artistic world lamented the death of Cepillín, among them the singer Yuri, who said through Twitter: “Goodbye, @cepillintv, I will never forget you, one day you put words of encouragement in my ear and food on my table. A few years ago I had the privilege of thanking you in life, in front of your people and family! Fly high, Payasito de la Tele! ”, Reads his official Twitter account.

For his part, Lalo Garza, voice actor, also expressed his condolences for the death of the famous clown.

A legend has left us. Mexico’s most famous past … A man who loved children, a great father, and a great Mexican. Rest in peace.

Since 1982, he has worked in the circus company set up by himself, throughout the Mexican Republic and the United States, until 2005, the year in which he retired since in that year he suffered a heart attack at the end of his circus show in the city of Puebla.

In 2006 he returned to television with the program Cepillin’s live, in which he worked with his children Cepi and Franky. This was broadcast by Multimedios Televisión, in the city of Monterrey. In July of that year, Cepillín suffered a second heart attack but recovered thanks to the timely intervention of the doctors who treated him.

The last projects he worked on were with his sons Cepi, Franky, and Sergio Antonio Maldonado Carreto in the United States, when he toured with the MAC touning & entertainment company and spent a year on the air with his sons Cepi and Franky on Viva la family with Aracely Arámbula. In recent months he was part of the cast of the play El Cuarentenorio Cómico.

Cancer in the spine

According to the portal of the US National Library of Medicine, a spinal tumor is a growth of cells (mass) in or around the spinal cord.

Although there is insufficient evidence to determine the causes of this cell formation, spinal tumors can occur within the spinal cord, in the membranes that cover the bone structure, in the meninges, and in the vertebrae.

And, as it grows, the tumor can affect the blood vessels and bones of the spine; putting pressure on the spinal cord or nerve roots and causing significant damage.

According to the same site, the symptoms that patients present with this condition depend on the nature of the tumor. For secondary tumors that have spread from the spine to another site (metastatic tumors) often progress rapidly, while primary tumors do so slowly, over weeks or years.

Cepillín Died
Photograph dated September 28, 2020, where Ricardo González (Cepillin) is observed while posing at an event in Mexico City (Mexico). EFE / PHOTOAMC / ONLY AVAILABLE TO ILLUSTRATE THE ACCOMPANYING NEWS (MANDATORY CREDIT)

Some common symptoms include abnormal sensations or loss of sensation, particularly in the legs; a sharp back pain, often in the lower or middle part of the back, and worse when lying down or exerting.

Likewise, intestinal or urinary incontinence, muscle contractions, stretches or spasms, and muscle weakness in the legs, which causes falls, makes it difficult to walk, or causes paralysis, are some of the most recurrent symptoms in patients with this condition.

According to the Johns Hopkins University portal, the surgical treatment of metastatic tumors of the spine can include the removal of the affected vertebrae, radiation therapy, and other therapeutic modalities.

In addition, stabilization or fusion is often used to control pain caused by vertebrae that have fractured due to tumors.

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