Carmen Salinas Will Undergo A Tracheostomy

Carmen Salinas will take a long process so that she can wake up.

The granddaughter of Carmen Salinas, assures that the tracheostomy is the step to follow so that the actress remains stable.

It has been 12 days since the actress  Carmen Salinas is in intensive care due to a brain hemorrhage, which keeps her in a coma.

After an absence of reports over the weekend, tonight, her granddaughter and her nephew came out before the media and expressed the steps they follow regarding the health of the beloved actor.

“We are going to start with the processes that are followed, which is the tracheotomy, which will be done tomorrow, and on Thursday they will do the gastrostomy (so that they continue feeding it). So it is not serious, they are the steps to follow,” explained her granddaughter.

She shared that this is in order that there is no longer a risk of infection that aggravates her situation. Something good, the movements are more although they are reflexes that she is involuntarily doing. In addition, they mentioned that after a new CT scan, it could be seen that the bleeding is decreasing, which is something positive.

“Although it is good news, the doctor says with reservations because there is still a risk,” they concluded.

Your grandmother’s condition will take “a long time” and the risk is always “latent.” Regarding when Carmen Salinas could wake up from the coma, she said that according to the doctors, “the process for her to wake up is very long.”

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