Carmen Salinas Is Still Serious And They Expect A Miracle: Everything That Is Known About Her Health

Relatives of the actress affirm that her condition is critical, inoperable, and with few signs of improvement.

The life of the Mexican actress Carmen Salinas hangs by a thread. In the early morning of November 11, she was rushed to a hospital in Mexico City after suffering a stroke.

The actress’s granddaughter reported that Carmen Salinas is in a severe coma and in intensive care due to brain hemorrhage. Your vital organs function naturally.

“ It’s called a brain hemorrhage that started in the stem. There is the brain, there is the cerebellum and there is the stem that is responsible for the functions of awakening, breathing and sending the heart pulse, the movement of the heart, ” explained Carmen Plasencia.

For his part, Gustavo Briones, Salinas’s nephew, and right-hand man denied rumors that she was declared brain dead.

“It’s not true, I don’t know who said that,” she said on the Hoy program. Let’s remember that she and ‘Carmelita’s’ granddaughter are the only ones who can get close to her.

In addition, Briones revealed that the artist is connected to an artificial respirator, but is not intubated. Her condition is critical, inoperable, and with few signs of improvement.

At the moment, Carmen is being evaluated by several doctors. Meanwhile, three neurologists agree that her case is very complicated.


Gustavo Briones reported that Carmen Salinas suffers from hypertension. However, she did not make any complaints to him hours before suffering the stroke.

“She was tired from the stress of work, she has always worked hard. She loves her job, “he told the press.

Let’s remember that Salinas is participating in the telenovela ‘My fortune is loving you’, which is currently broadcast on Las Estrellas.


Jorge Nieto, godson and close friend of Carmen Salinas, indicated that the stroke caused “irreversible damage.” It is presumed that she never wakes up from the coma he is in.

“The stroke has irreversible damage, it was effectively in the brain stem, unfortunately, what is the function of the body’s organism of awakening is the most affected (…) Whoever becomes aware of that is the most damaged, it will no longer wake up, it is what they are informing us, ”she told journalist Azucena Uresti regarding the diagnoses of the three neurologists who have evaluated the case.

However, the family remains hopeful, as their vital organs continue to function naturally, so they hope for a “miracle”.


Exactly 3 months ago, the Mexican actress revealed in the program ‘Hoy’ that she had already prepared her will, this in order to prevent some kind of problem from existing among her relatives.

According to her statements,  the study she has will be for the daughters of her first-born Pedro Plascencia Salinas, who died of cancer in 1994; while her home will remain in the hands of her daughter María Eugenia Plascencia.

The surprising thing is that apparently two days after the incident the actress updated it. It was the same producer Nicandro Díaz who revealed, according to People En Español, that armen Salinas requested permission to be absent from the recordings of the telenovela Mi Fortuna Es Amarte to go to a notary’s office.

According to the Televisa melodrama producer, it was last Monday, November 8, that Carmelita Salinas appeared with her notary to make some changes to her will, something that “moves” many in the sense of whether the actress is she felt bad or had a feeling that something bad was going to happen to him.


Carmen Salinas not only focused on acting despite the fact that the productions she participated in had a good international acceptance since she started her own production company to become an entrepreneur.

Also, in 2015, she ventured into politics and managed to become a deputy to the Congress of the Union.

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