Carmen Salinas Distributes Her Inheritance While She Is Alive

Although he has not died, despite several rumors that occurred last night, today a video has been uncovered in which Carmen Salinas, producer and actress of ‘Aventurera’, reveals that her will is already made and her inheritance distributed.

She did this with the objective that there is no conflict between her relatives at the time of her departure, as reported by various media outlets such as SDP Noticias and Univisión.

The information comes from an interview She was conducting on the Hoy program, which was published in July this year when they asked him if She had everything ready for her departure. She seriously said that she already had everything distributed and in order so that they do not have problems or fights after her death.

Although She is still in a natural coma in intensive care, these types of videos have caused a lot of expectation because it is a matter of life and death, so her family expects a different opinion.

In the interview, she gave details of how her things will be distributed and also confessed how She got one of the most beloved possessions that he still has and that it will pass into the hands of someone very dear to her family since She does not plan to leave anyone on the street because it was never like that with anyone.

This is the way Carmen Salinas will distribute her will.

The study of Carmen Salinas is already prepared for the daughters of Pedro, her first-born who in 1994 died of lung cancer.

The house where she currently lives will be for her daughter María Eugenia, so there should be no problems by the time she is absent.

She even took time to tell how she got that house. She says she finished dancing and a man gave him a piece of paper, but without seeing it, she put it in her bra and when She got to the dressing room, She took it out and realized it was a Lottery ticket: “It was a ticket for December 24 from 1966 with the number 30444 and I won the lottery, $ 350 thousand pesos, (something like a little more than 17 thousand dollars) and with that, I bought this house ”.

Fans of the actress took this as a farewell, although it is not yet known what the future of her health is. “I love you very much Carmencita, I am distressed when they already say to leave a will, I love you very much and always look like this, always live”, were some comments.

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