Carmelita Salinas Has Little Brain Activity: Health Status

The health of the Mexican actress Carmelita Salinas is reserved, as she is given little hope of being able to wake up from the coma she suffered from a stroke; however, relatives still have hope.

As reported by her new Carmen Plascencia and her nephew Gustavo Briones, the 82-year-old woman has brain activity despite being delicate.

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“She has little brain activity, what the studies that have been done on her over these days show is a serious condition, that’s what we can tell them because that’s what they have told us,” said Carmen Plascencia .

The doctors presented them with the result of the tomography that was performed on the former Mexican deputy; however, the results were not disappointing.

“There have been two CT scans that have been done and they are the same, it continues the same, in the electro they did find movement in her brain, it does have life, ” said her nephew Gustavo Briones.

Although she is still in serious condition, Carmen Salinas is stable, but with assisted respiration; nevertheless, all her organs work, the reason why the relatives do not lose the faith in a miracle.

“We are waiting for God to do the miracle for us and with faith, we will move on,” said her nephew.

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