Camilo Blanes remains stable, waiting to know more information about its evolution in the coming days

Again, the health of Camilo Sesto’s son, who is admitted to a Madrid hospital, is of concern again, according to the digital edition of ‘Semana’. Camilo Blanes Ornelas is not living his best moment and we will have to wait for events before drawing conclusions.

His mother, the Mexican Lourdes Ornelas, is at his side at the moment, watching over him at all times, and the causes of this hospital admission have not been specified. It has been published that the singer could have spent several days celebrating his birthday accompanied by some friends at his house in Torrelodones, the jewel in the crown of his father’s inheritance, an unforgettable interpreter of songs like ‘Algo de me’ or the musical ‘ Jesus Christ Superstar ‘.

On the other hand, relatives of the artist have contacted the media to point out that he had a fall from his bicycle, that he was lying on the ground for a few minutes in the rain, and that he would have some respiratory problems, so they are doing him medical tests.

Let us remember that it was Lourdes Ornelas who has publicly called attention to the problems that her son had in the past. There was talk of addictions and bad habits, but the truth and truth is that since his father died and settled in Spain on September 8, 2019, he has been involved in numerous controversies and uncomfortable situations.

In recent months, everything seemed to have been channeled, the wounds seemed to have healed with whoever was the representative of his father and his administrator; The Camilo Sesto Museum in his native Alcoy seems more and more a reality, and the music made for the greater glory and tribute of the singer, composer, and producer is finally premiered in the aforementioned town.

During these two years, Camilo Blanes decided to get away from the madding crowd, despite the fact that Universal Music Mexico had high hopes for the release of his album, which saw the light almost from behind the scenes and passed without pain or glory, as the artist did not promote any and the possibility of presenting it in Spain was diluted.

Camilo Blanes has always been very kind to the media, even in the controversial circumstances to which we referred, but at the moment there is little news that he is going to resume his professional career as a singer.

Let us also remember that Camilo came to put himself in the hands of a representation agency upon his arrival in Spain, but that relationship cooled down and did not end well. From the aforementioned agency, they let us see that he had stopped communicating with them and that they had no contact with him.

Subsequently, his mother, Lourdes Ornelas, made some striking statements saying that her son had been swindled 400,000 euros and pointed directly to Lydia Lozano, who in turn announced that she was going to take legal action against her and Antonio Montero, to whom he had given a very tough interview full of accusations.

Be that as it may, Lourdes Ornelas once again drew attention to her son’s alleged problems in a recent interview on ‘Vanity Fair’: “In Mexico, it was sporadic because I put him in two rehabilitation centers. He warned him: ‘You already know where you are going to go.’ There, if you have an addicted relative, you can put him in a center. Four months, eight … “.

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