The singer is the most played South Korean solo artist in the world.

BLACKPINK and their fans have long tablecloths thanks to the fact that today is the celebration of Jennie’s 25th birthday, one of the members of the K-Pop group.

The singer was born on January 16, 1996, but her followers in Mexico have been celebrating her since January 15 because the special date has already arrived in South Korea. So actually on this side of the world, there are 2 days of celebration and party.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie’s birthday celebration

One of the first congratulations came from the official BLACKPINK account, which wished him a happy birthday along with a photo in which the artist appears posing with a white flower.

However, the congratulations that the fandom liked the most was the one that Jisso made to the singer, as he also presumed that he gave her two stuffed animals, which look really fluffy, one of a turtle and another of a pink rabbit.

The clip of the congratulation was published by Jisso herself in her Instagram stories and in it, Jennie is seen very happy and even saddened by the expressions of affection from her partner.

However, those who really stood out with her congratulations, as every year, were her fans, who dedicated photos and special videos that they created just for this holiday.

Their love even escalated so fast that before January 16 arrived in Mexico that the hashtag #PricelessJennieDay became a Twitter trend.


Currently Jennie is not only a singer in one of the most famous K-Pop bands in the world, BLACKPINK, she has also proven to be successful in her solo career.

The singer holds the record of being the South Korean solo artist with the most views on Spotify, after her single “Solo” surpassed PSY’s “Gangnam Style”, passing the barrier of 200 million views.

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