The Duranguense music group will continue with their presentations awaiting the speedy recovery of their friend and partner

The Duranguense music group, Montez de Durango, worried its followers by confirming the cancer diagnosis of one of its members, Beto Terrazas, who is hospitalized, and now his family requests donations to cover his medical expenses.

The musician’s state of health was shared on Facebook by the band remembered for their songs Que vuelva orLágrimas de Cristal, where they took the opportunity to publish the fundraiser organized by Terrazas’ wife or “El Primo”, as they also call it.

“With these words, we want to inform all our fans and our great friend and colleague” BETO TERRAZAS “, that unfortunately, our colleague is in the fight against cancer. Besides being a great person and a great singer, Beto is a great Warrior. We know that Cousin Beto is fighting hard and with the prayers of all of us and the help of his treatment we will be able to be with him again ”, they wrote at the beginning of their sad publication.

They remembered the occasion when Beto faced his ailments to continue with a live presentation. “Even in our Caldwell presentation, cousin Beto did not crack and took the stage even having severe pains in his body, we still did not know that what he felt was cancer,” they highlighted in the publication shared last Wednesday.

Beto Terrazas
(Photo: Montez de Durango / Facebook)

So they dedicated an emotional word to him to wish Beto Terrazas a speedy recovery and highlight the work that his family is promoting to raise the necessary funds for his medical treatment.

“We all love you and admire Betillo a lot, and we will keep you in our prayers. His family made him a page to raise funds for the costs of his treatment, for whoever he can and who he likes. He will always thank you as well as us ”, they assured.

In the same publication, Montez de Durango clarified that his performances will not be diminished by the complicated situation facing his partner and friend.

“THE SHOW MUST GO ON!!! AND THEY ARE FOLLOWING ON FOOT all our scheduled events that we look forward to, and with the favor of God to have Beto with us so that he can tell us one of the many stories he has, that he may cheer us up with his jokes, and sharing scenarios where he always He has given everything, “they concluded.

The group also dedicated a video to talk about the health of his partner. In this clip, the rest of the musicians appear and they affirm that they will continue with their presentations, in addition to thanking the attention they have obtained.

“To thank all the fans, all the media, all the people who have been aware of our friend and colleague Beto Terrazas, thank you for your prayers, we thank the people who have donated very much. The tour continues with Montez de Durango, right now we are going to Louisiana and Florida and we will go to Washington and Oregon, and continue the tour. Echale Montez ”, they concluded.


The family of Beto Terrazas shared a post on Facebook requesting the intervention of the followers of the Duranguense music group.

“My husband Beto Terrazas was diagnosed with cancer, we are reaching out to you recognizing that we have all gone through a hard time in our lives wishing someone would give him a hand. We ask you if today, you would find it in your heart, to give us a helping hand to be able to meet all the numerous expenses that they generate in these circumstances “, reads the post of the publication entitled” Help Beto Terrazas medical fundraiser “and aims to raise USD 60,000

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