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Belinda Net Worth in 2022

Belinda Net Worth: Belinda Peregrín Schüll, better known in the musical world as Belinda, is a singer, songwriter, and actress. She was born in Madrid, Spain, on August 15, 1992. Belinda has an estimated $12 million net worth, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Belinda Biodata

Full Name
Belinda Peregrín Schüll
Nick Name Belinda
August 15, 1992
5 ft 5 inches
Place of birth Madrid, Spain
Net Worth  $12 million
Age 32 Years Old
Profession Singer-songwriter actress
Last Updated: 2022

Belinda is a Mexican singer who reaped unstoppable success both in her country and in the rest of the world. Since its inception in 2000, Belinda was a children’s television celebrity who soon became a reference among young people with her characters in novels, and then with the beginning of her musical career. Belinda, who was born in Madrid and became a naturalized Mexican, quickly conquered the music industry in Latin America and the United States, since she began to venture into the industry.

From a young age, Belinda imposed a style among her fans, with her braids in her hair and her punk inspiration that reflected the time in which the actress was growing up. Belinda, who has 4 successful studio albums, traveled throughout Mexico, Latin America, and other countries of the world with her tours, imposing herself as the leader of the youth audience of the time. Mexico received it and the actress took the opportunity to take her name to all the screens of the world, even reaching Asia with her participation in Disney films.

Fashion and music

Belinda is the example of an artist in constant evolution, with different styles in both fashion and music. The singer opened up to the urban genre in her most recent years of career and was greeted with important and viral collaborations within the genre. Having been the star of multiple series, albums, and well-known films, Belinda also ventured into the theater and even into fashion design, taking her creative capacity to new spaces. Belinda’s career inspired many, defined aesthetics among young people, and gave the Mexican a share in the world of entertainment in Mexico.

Who is Belinda?

Belinda Peregrín Schull is a singer, actress, and businesswoman born in Spain and naturalized in Mexico. The singer lived in Madrid until she was four years old when she moved to Mexico City for her father’s work. Belinda began acting at age ten, where her career took off in the Mexican children’s soap opera, Amigos x Siempre (2000), for which she also made the soundtrack. Belinda’s career began to be known in Mexico and Latin America with her double character in the children’s soap opera Cómplices al Rescate (2002), in which she was also part of the soundtrack and won her her first Latin Grammy.

She dabbled in music with her first studio album, titled Belinda (2003). The album was released by the Sony BMG record company, it was distributed in Mexico and Latin America. Belinda became a hit with children with her album, which led her to embark on the Fiesta en la Azotea tour (2004 – 2005) with which she toured Mexico, Latin America, Asia, and the United States.

How old is Belinda?

The singer and actress Belinda was born on August 15, 1989, to a Spanish father and a Spanish-French mother, Belinda arrived in Mexico when she was four years old, where she began her studies at Miraflores College and then at Westminster College.

When was Belinda born?

Belinda was born in Madrid, Spain, on August 15, 1992. Belinda has a younger brother, Ignacio (Nacho) Peregrín Schüll, who was born on August 25, 1996.

Where is Belinda from?

Belinda Peregrín Schüll was born in the Spanish capital of Madrid. Her father is Ignacio Peregrín Gutiérrez, a businessman in the health sector in Spain. Belinda’s father and uncle own a medical products factory in Madrid, which they decided to extend to Mexico, which is why the singer moved to Mexico City at the age of four and became naturalized as Mexican. Her mother is Belinda Schüll Gutiérrez, daughter of the French bullfighter Pierre Schüll. On her father’s side, Belinda has Spanish ancestry, while on her mother’s side, the singer has French and Spanish ancestry.

What are the soap operas and movies in which Belinda appears?

Belinda’s television career began in 2000 on the children’s soap opera Amigos x Siempre (2000), for which she also made the soundtrack. Her first leading role was in the telenovela Aventuras en el Tiempo (2001), where she sang the main theme. With Complices to the Rescue (2002), Belinda did a double role, for which she was also involved in an album and gave her her first Latin Grammy nomination. She had a special participation in the production, Corazones al Límite (2004) where she was also in charge of the main opening theme.

By 2006, Belinda was already a hit in music and an internationally recognized name. Her first approach to international cinema was with the Disney movie: The Cheetah Girls 2 (2006), where she plays the role of Marisol; it was also part of the film’s soundtrack. This was also her first role in English. Belinda was later in the Mexican film Despereaux: Un Pequeño Gran Héroe (2008), in which the singer dubbed a character.

Returned to soap operas

Belinda returned to soap operas with Camaleones (2009), where she was with the singer Pee Wee, with whom she would later make a musical collaboration. In 2010, Belinda was in the production of Mujeres Asesinas (2010), for which she recorded the song Contigo en la Distancia (2010). Sometime later, she announced that she would again lend her voice for a character in a movie, this time for Tadeo, the lost explorer (2013). In 2016, Belinda dubbed a movie again, this time for the animated version of the children’s movie: Trolls (2016), where she voices Poppy. Belinda had a special appearance in the 2017 version of the film Baywatch(2017), where she plays the role of Carmen, and shares credits with Priyanka Chopra and Zac Efron.

What are Belinda’s most famous songs?

Since her early introduction to music, Belinda has had a successful career that includes soundtracks for her television productions as well as her solo albums. Belinda has four studio albums: Belinda (2003), Utopia (2006), Carpe Diem (2010), and Catharsis (2013).

Within her first album are her singles Lo Siento (2003), Boba Niña Nice (2003), Ángel (2003) and Vivir (2003). This first Belinda album went double platinum and gold in Mexico and platinum in the United States, putting Belinda on the musical radar at the beginning of that decade. On Belinda’s second album, the singles Bella Traición (2006), Luz Sin Gravedad (2006) and Someone More (2006), managed to make the album a success and sell more than 100,000 copies in Mexico. From this Belinda album, Utopia (2006) a second part came off: Utopia 2(2007), a special edition containing English versions.

Third album

With her third album, Carpe Diem (2010), Belinda had the opportunity to record in Los Angeles, Miami, and Taiwan. The single Egoísta (2010) with the singer Pitbull, quickly became a success. By the time this album came out, Belinda also released a single called Dopamine (2010) and was the lead singer of the song Lolita (2010): Official Song of the MTV novel, Bad Girls (2010). On Belinda’s fourth album, Catarsis (2012), there are songs like En El Amor Hay Que Perdonar (2012) and En la Obscuridad (2012), which became number one in Mexico and platinum in Venezuela.

In addition to her records, Belinda has been a part of successful collaborations throughout her career. Outstanding among these are her collaboration with the Kumbia Kings and the singer Pee Wee in the song Who (2004), and her rock collaboration with the Mexican group Moderatto, in Muriendo Lento (2005). Through her participation in the Disney film, The Cheetah Girls 2 (2006), Belinda collaborated with American film stars on the songs A La Nanita Nana (2006), Why Wait (2010), and Dance With Me (2006). Belinda has also been noted for her participation in urban genres, in songs, Te Quiero (2008) with singer Flex, Let yourself go (2017) with Juan Magán, and La Chapa Que Vibra (remix, 2019) with La Materialista. Belinda’s most recent collaboration has been with Los Ángeles Azules , Lalo Ebratt and Horacio Palencia in Amor a primera vista (2019).

What are Belinda’s social networks?

Belinda is an active artist on social media, where she keeps in touch with her fans and up-to-date with the posts of her performances and her career. On Instagram, where the singer has almost 10 million followers, she is like @belindapop, one in which she takes the opportunity to give style lessons. In other social networks such as Twitter, Belinda appears under the user @belindapop. On her Facebook fan page, you can find her name: Belinda.

What does Belinda mean?

Belinda is a name of Italian etymology, coming from the adjective Bella in the language. Its meaning is associated with ‘everything that attracts due to its great beauty. The theories about the name infer another origin, which may come from the combination of the Italian words belle (beauty) and Linda (pretty).

What are the languages ​​that Belinda speaks?

Belinda has proven proficient in English and has used it as a tool to achieve success. She has done English versions of her singles, she has also participated in films spoken in the language. Belinda speaks Spanish because she has a Spanish father and was raised in Mexico, and she also knows a little French, thanks to her mother.

How is Belinda’s style?

Belinda’s style early in her career influenced many people and created a trend among her followers. With a youthful aesthetic adapted to her characters, Belinda was the role model of her fans, installing a style for her Belifans.

Belinda’s success went hand in hand with returning trends like punk and new denim constructions, in addition to the experiments with hairstyles that Belinda mastered, which was part of her hallmark. The young woman was recognized by her shoulder-length straight hair and a braid that crossed from one side of her forehead to the other; a style that characterized her and that made a trend.

Belinda Net Worth
Belinda wore a tailored suit to the Lo Nuestro Awards in 2008.

Belinda net worth and childhood

Belinda was a childhood celebrity for a long time, and her style was consistent with this. With the arrival of her first urban collaborations in music, Belinda’s style was fluctuating towards the trends of the moment in the genre, which led her to renew her image to a more mature one a few years later. Belinda’s new style would take more risks by testing the trends of Dior monograms and striking Dolce & Gabbana prints repeatedly. Later, she became the image of the Italian brand in Latin America. Belinda’s mature style comprised new testing of women’s suit trends and the implementation of mini dresses to her wardrobe. Belinda has always been a high-heeled woman; She showed it on multiple occasions on the red carpet and her performances.

Belinda Net Worth
The characteristic braid that Belinda wore during her beginnings in music.

The current Belinda navigates between a variety of styles, mastering each of them with great ease. Belinda put her approach to fashion into practice with the creation of a shoe collection with the Capa de Ozono brand. The singer has been a regular with the Dior brand since its inception, wearing garments that John Galliano designed at the time; currently, she wears the designs that Maria Grazia Chiuri creates for the brand. It is known that Belinda was in 2018 in the front row of the Dior show. Some other brands she uses are Gucci or Adam Seldam; From the latter, she wore a dress to an event, characterized by its transparencies, in addition to being a model that was previously worn by Rihanna at the CFDAs in 2014.

Belinda Net Worth
Belinda at the Dior show at Paris Fashion Week.

How are Belinda fans referred?

It has become a tradition for celebrities to have special nicknames to refer to their fans. Belinda fans are called by Belifans.

What was the movie or song that made Belinda famous?

The character of Belinda in Amigos x Siempre (2000) and her participation in the soundtrack of it, got Belinda her first platinum record. While thanks to the series Complices to the Rescue (2002) and its musical themes, Belinda was nominated for the Latin Grammy for the first time. With songs like I’m sorry (2003), Boba niña nice (2003), and Ángel (2003), Belinda dominated the first places of the most popular songs and got her first approach to American cinema in the Disney film The Cheetah Girls 2 (2006), in which she also tried herself as a singer alongside the protagonists, and achieved greater recognition in the United States and Asia.

She is a Mexican artist who has formed her career since she was very young, which has now transformed her into a reference in Mexico, Latin America, and certain corners of the world.

Belinda net worth

Belinda has accumulated a whopping net worth of $ 12 million by 2022. She has made a great deal of money from her music career. Belinda also owns a music promotion company, Joy Music, which promotes concert tours and independent albums. She also owns a luxurious karaoke bar called La Chismosa Canta Bar in Mexico.

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