Belinda In Mourning, Lost Her Great Friend

Belinda is inconsolable after revealing the death of her pet Gizmo, whom she considered her most faithful companion for 13 years. The Mexican singer regretted her loss through her official social networks.

“The greatest sadness, my little companion, my Gizmo, my guardian angel, 13 years together! I can’t express the pain I feel in my heart! On my chest! I will never forget you, thank you for everything you gave me! For taking away my loneliness, for giving me love without asking for anything in return, for being unconditionally by my side! I love you my baby ”, the interpreter pointed out through her stories on her profile on Instagram.

Belinda pet death

Belinda wanted to pay tribute to her pet, assuring that she gave her “all the love in the world” and that she felt her heart “broken” by such an irreparable loss.

The singer, who welcomed the New Year on the paradisiacal beaches of Mexico, regretted not being present during the death of her pet: “We fought so that you were well until the last second. And what hurts me the most is that I couldn’t say goodbye to you. ”

Belinda suffered the loss of a loved one in 2020

In the month of May 2020, Belinda was devastated on social networks after learning of the death of her uncle “Pepe”, who died in Spain after a month of being diagnosed with COVID-19. Due to the confinement that was experienced worldwide, the Mexican star could not travel to the capital of Spain to say goodbye to her relative.

“One of the people I have loved the most in my life has just gone to heaven… My uncle Pepe, my partner of laughter and complicity… I will miss your bad temper, your jokes, your sense of humor, when we danced salsa in the At dawn when we played with your slingshot when I forced you to hug me because you were never the most affectionate. I will never forget every moment by your side! I feel a deep pain … To be so far from you … I love you and I will always carry you in my heart. May you rest in peace and take care of me from heaven ”, she expressed through the stories on her Instagram account.

At the end of March 2020, Belinda urged her followers on social networks to comply with social distancing due to the public health crisis that was being experienced. To emphasize her concern about COVID-19, the singer pointed out that a very close relative was confined in a nursing home for the elderly in Spain and that he could have been diagnosed with Coronavirus.

Belinda and Christian Nodal: A couple of the moment

Currently, Belinda maintains a consolidated love relationship with singer-songwriter Christian Nodal, with whom she has been living the confinement that is being experienced worldwide by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The couple has stayed away from the stage since the pandemic began during the first quarter of 2020, so they have complied with a rigorous quarantine in their residences in Aztec lands.

In August 2020, Belinda and Christian Nodal confirmed their love relationship with a romantic publication they made on their official social networks: “The unexpected does not need explanations. All I know is that with that unique, beautiful, crazy, and pure soul that you have, you stole the greatest I love you in my life and made me believe even in the pa always, “said Nodal in his official account on Instagram for confirming his courtship with Belinda.

In the month of December 2020, Belinda and Nodal were selected as the “Couple of the Year” by People en Espanol magazine. At that time, the couple starred in a romantic photoshoot that took place in Mexico City under the lens of Alex Cordova, who is known for being the singer’s head photographer.

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