Antonio ‘El Raton’ Valdes Dies At 91

Causes of death have not yet been released

Antonio Gomez Valdes, better known as “ Raton ” Valdes, died, according to the National Association of Actors on social networks, but did not give details of what were the causes of the death of the actor. The humorist was the brother of the greats of comedy: “ El Loco” Valdes, Ramon Valdes and Tin Tan, with whom he worked on several films.

@Andactores deeply regrets the death of our colleague Antonio Gomez Valdes de Castillo” Ratón Valdes “, a member of our union. Our condolences to your family and friends. Rest in Peace, ”ANDA wrote on its official Twitter account.

El “ Raton ” Valdes began his career in the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema as “Passionate” (1952), Maldita ciudad (1954), “Variedades de mediodía” (1955) and “Refifí entre las mujeres” (1958). He also worked on comedy shows like “La Cosa” and “Puro Loco.” As well as in the documentaries in honor of his brother Tin Tan, idol of Mexican comedy, “Ni Muy, Muy … ni Tan, Tan … simply Tin Tan” (2005) and “Tin Tan, a documentary by Francesco Taboada Tabone ”(2010).

Among his last works, he participated in the fourth season of the series “ Club de Cuervos ” (2019).

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