Héctor Pérez Porro died of complications from covid-19; He is remembered for his extreme fighting style and for hitting Cuervo de Puerto Rico with a brick.

After spending several days in the hospital, due to complications caused by a Covid-19 contagion, the fighter Angel o Demonio, also known as the Porro, died this Saturday in Mexico City.

In mid-May, it was made public that he had symptoms of the disease and a campaign was launched to request help for the expenses he was facing. On May 23, the gladiator announced that he would be hospitalized due to the greater discomfort.

It was his daughter, Karla Pérez, who during the last had reported through social networks about the evolution of her father’s health, who confirmed his death.

“Good afternoon everyone. Just to inform you that our beloved Angel or Demon has just passed away. Thank you all for your attention and support,” he wrote briefly.

With more than thirty years in wrestling, Ángel o Demonio lost his mask to Tarzan Boy in 1999, a battle held at the López Mateos Arena, the venue where he had his best nights.

He was characterized by his extreme style, forming the concept of the Porros, alongside Big Memo, León Rojo, Ovett, and Perico, among others. Last February, Ovett died of the same disease.

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