The Dominican actor has decided not to inherit his four properties to his children, explained the reasons in an interview. According to their will, Andrés Junior and Leonardo would obtain 15% of their assets after their death

Andrés García has revealed on several occasions that he is prepared for the day he dies, and that is why he explained what he will do with his properties when he dies since some of them do not plan to inherit them to his children or his family.

The actor of Dominican origin confessed that he does not estimate himself many more years of life, that is why he has begun to organize what will happen to his legacy after his death, in addition to the fact that he wants to live his last years in a good way.

In an interview with the Ventaneando program, García said that he intends to sell his properties since his children could not inherit them due to different reasons that he explained saying:

“My Andresito has his life in Miami and does not come to MexicoLeonardo has his apartments and his properties and he does not need me to give him anything, on the contrary, it is difficult for him to take care of the properties that he has. I want to sell what I have left and that’s it ”.

According to the protagonist of Pedro Navaja , he currently owns his famous  Castle”, the “Forest”, the “Laguna” and the house in Pie de la Cuesta, Acapulco, where he currently lives. All these properties he plans to sell soon, including where he resides.

Since he hopes to remain on this plan for less than five more years , the property he lives in would be sold by agreeing with the new owner to let him live there for the remaining years , until his death, in this way he would ensure good quality. of life for the next few years.

And it is that the actor has made it clear that since the COVID-19 pandemic began, he has suffered from financial problems, which he no longer wants to worry about now that he is 80 years old, the age he hopes not to exceed for many years.

The renowned actor shared a few months ago how he felt having reached eight decades of life, he assured that he would never have imagined turning that age. “I never thought I was going to reach 80, they are many years and they weigh, ” he said in an interview with the program Sale el Sol.

He added that he hopes he will not have new discomforts because something he does not want is having to depend on other people to carry out his day-to-day activities. “I am very grateful, what I do not want is to be with all the ailments that age brings, you run out of strength, you cannot walk well, everything hurts ,” Garcia said.

He also shared that he enjoys being self-sufficient and does not know when he will stop fending for himself, so he does not want to continue living beyond the age of 85 .

“I continue to be worth by myself, I don’t know how old I want to get, I don’t think I want to go past 84, 85, I definitely don’t believe, unless it gives me a physical and spiritual rebirth […] I don’t want much because you don’t want to go around decrepit all over the world, “he said.

Contrary to what he said in Ventaneando , a large part of his assets were inherited from Roberto Palazuelos , he revealed last February that the correct distribution of his assets will be in the hands of the “Black Diamond”, as he was appointed executor, and everything will be distributed from the following form:

Margarita Portillo (wife) 20%, Rosa María García (sister) 20%, Roberto Palazuelos (friend) 20%, Andrés García (son) 15%, Leonardo García (son) 15%, Sandra Vale (ex-wife and mother of children ) 10%.

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