All The Details Of The Funeral And Tribute To Vicente Fernández

Vicente Fernández, the ‘Idol of Mexico’, died this Sunday in a hospital in Guadalajara, Jalisco, at the age of 81, after health complications after an accidental fall in August at his ranch ‘Los tres potrillos’ .

In recent days, ‘Chente’, as he was known, had required sedation and respiratory support, for which he had been transferred to an intensive care unit, where in recent days he was in critical condition.

His son Alejandro Fernández asked in one of his concerts for prayer, applause, and good vibes for the difficult time of his father’s health. But the miracle he was asking for was not realized and this Sunday, the same day of the Virgin of Guadalupe, whom he revered so much, the singer died.

At the moment, specific details about his funeral are unknown, but it is known that Fernández did not want a massive farewell, or to be walked around all of Mexico. He had always mentioned a “normal” funeral.

Shortly after 9:30 am, his body was transferred from the hospital in a funeral procession to his beloved ranch ‘Los tres potrillos’, where he lived so many happy days and where his family member has prepared a tribute for him. There will be a mass in his honor, according to Ahtziri Cárdenas, a correspondent for Univision in Guadalajara.

At the moment, specific details about his funeral are unknown, but it is known that Fernández did not want a pretentious farewell, but rather a discreet and intimate one. The ranch ‘The three foals’ will be his last resting place.

It is not yet known whether the press or the public will have access to the funeral.

Vicente Fernández Died
Vicente Fernández /Photo

The song that Vicente Fernández asked for his farewell

‘Volver, Volver’, the classic song composed by Fernando Z. Maldonado and that launched him to fame, was the song that Fernández himself said he wanted to be sung at his funeral.

This was what he made known in a concert while he shared the stage with his son Alejandro and they sang this song together. The ranchera singer wanted to explain to the public how important it was to him: “This song is very special to me, I think that the day they are burying me, on television or wherever they are watching, everyone will sing it. I hope there are still many years to go, “he said then.

This Sunday, after the news of his death, was known, several followers came to sing to him at the hospital where he died: ‘Volver, volver, ‘El rey’ and other themes that marked his long career, of more than 50 years on stage.

Whenever possible, Vicente Fernández credited the Mexican composer Fernando Z. Maldonado as his great ally in music and who was a determining factor in his growth as an artist.

In 1976 Maldonado’s song with the title “Volver, Volver” , which describes a macho man who accepts his guilt in the failure of a romantic relationship, leads him to become the interpreter of the new ranchera music anthem .

At the end of that year, “Volver, Volver” broke all sales records and was heard on all radio stations, not only in Mexico but also in the United States, Central, and South America. Thus, Fernández became the new king of ranchera music until he was baptized by the press as ‘The idol of Mexico’.

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