At 80 years of age, his family confirmed

Mexican actor and comedian Alfonso Zayas Inclán died on the night of this Thursday, July 8 in Mexico City, the artist’s family reported through a statement on their social networks, although they did not specify the cause of his death.

According to the reports of the reporter Karina Andrew Herrera of Televisa Espectáculos, the legendary actor of ficheras cinema would have died of respiratory arrest.

The actor, born in Tulancingo, Hidalgo in 1941, was 80 years old, which he had turned last June 30, was well known for his mischievous Mexican films. An icon of the time.

Here is the full statement.

Through this letter and full of deep pain, we communicate and confirm the painful departure of our beloved Alfonso Zayas Inclán, on the night of Thursday, July 8, in Mexico City.”

“To say goodbye to him, we have decided to watch over him and hold a private ceremony for him, only with his family and friends, so we ask for his understanding and respect in the most attentive manner.”

“We are grateful in advance for all the expressions of affection and solidarity that they have had with the family and with Alfonso, one of the most beloved pillars of Mexican comedy, film and television.”

Condolences after the death of Zayas

The National Association of Interpreters spoke out after the death of Alfonso Zayas and sent its condolences to his family.

For his part, Ricardo González’s son ‘Cepillín’ also had a very special dedication to his ‘uncle’, who “is going to put together a big party over there in heaven with my dad.”

Other important characters in the middle of the show, such as Edgar Vivar (Mr. Barriga in Chavo del Ocho), lamented the departure of Zayas. In fact, Vivar recalled that “a few years ago, in Peru, we filmed together. Today Alfonso is leaving this plane. Thank you for your friendship, thank you for the anecdotes, thank you for the smiles.”

Even the Toros de Tijuana, a team of the Mexican Baseball League, posted a photograph where some players posed with the actor.

Who was Alfonso Zayas?

Alfonso Zayas was the son of Alfonso Zayas Zetina and Dolores Inclán, who also dedicated themselves to show business.

Two of his most outstanding films were ‘Noches de cabaret’ and ‘Piernas de oro’, controversial films in those years but which made Alfonso one of the most recognized actors in the genre.

He also participated alongside María Victoria in the series ‘La criada bien criada’; as well as with ‘India María’, Alejandro Suárez and Mauricio Garcés. He even established a great friendship with Xavier López ‘Chabelo’.

His last appearance on the big screen was with ‘El vecindario 3’, a feature film released in 2016.

Alfonso Zayas Died
Alfonso Zayas / Photo

The secret behind the successful

the success behind the characters of Alfonso Zayas, the reason why people followed him and asked for him within the productions, was because he reflected a very different profile from the usual one.

Unlike other actors, Zayas played a leading man who was not handsome, muscular, or a millionaire, so his audience was highly reflected and even aspirational.

“ Gilberto Martínez Solares grabs me by his little tinge, makes me a very bad movie, and the success begins and the era of ficheras cinema begins. People noticed me because without being handsome, strong, or rich, I could flirt with a girl, I was the classic Mexican type: be stubborn until you do. That was, I think, the most important thing about the movies he made. I linked myself to the girls because that’s how we Mexicans are: funny, nice, romantic, “he told journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante in The minute that changed my destiny.

According to Zayas himself, around 60 films were overwhelmingly successful, although the number of productions he made is much higher, as there were times when up to one video home was aired per week.

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