Alfonso Zayas Died: Everything You Need To Know

Who was Alfonso Zayas?

We tell you who Alfonso Zayas was, who died yesterday at the age of 80: trajectories and important aspects of his private life.

Alfonso Zayas, a famous fichera film actor, died yesterday at the age of 80. The news about his death was announced by a statement issued by his family, provoking the reaction of several celebrities who lived with the icon of theater and cinema.

We tell you a little about the famous trajectory. Actor Alfonso Zayas Inclán was born in Tulancingo, Hidalgo, on June 30, 1941, and became famous for his participation in the so-called ficheras cinema, where Mexican mischief reigned and the fun of the also known as sexy comedy.

Zayas Inclán was the son of the musician Alfonso Zayas Zetina and Dolores Inclán, who was also part of the artistic milieu and traveled the country giving magazine theater presentations in tents. The actor participated in more than 170 films in which he stood out for his “very Mexican” sense of humor.

Piernas de oro was the first film in which Zayaz Inclán participated, but one of his great successes was with his role in the television series La criada bien criada, in addition to his characters in films such as Duro pero seguro(1978), El sexo me da risa (1979), Esta noche cena Pancho (1986) y 3 lancheros muy picudos (1989).One of his most recent roles was on the Televisa television series Neighbors.

However,  despite all his career, in the beginning, he did not have contemplated being an actor, since he saw how they passed it in that career. “I didn’t want to be an actor, I had already seen my whole family starving … it was very difficult to live off the tent,” said Zayas in an interview with Gustavo Adolfo Infante.

Alfonso Zayas Net Worth at the time of his death

The estimated net worth of Alfonso Zayas was $600,000. However, it is not possible to make an exact calculation about the fortune of this Great Actor. We have estimated Alfonso Zayas’s net worth, salary, money,  income, and assets.

Alfonso Zayas and his private life

In that interview – The minute my destiny changed – Zayas revealed other personal details, for example, that he was married seven times and had 9 children.

His last relationship was lasting – until the last days of his life – with Livia García. The actor also had to fight peritonitis. In addition, he was diagnosed with two types of cancer: skin and prostate.

What was the actor’s last wish?

According to what was revealed by Zayas -in an interview with Infante- in his last wishes he wanted to be buried with his mother and father: “I wanted to be with my parents, in the Jardin pantheon.

I would like it to go with my parents ”, he commented. Finally, he revealed that he wanted to be remembered by his children, granddaughters, and great-granddaughters: “I want to be remembered by my children, my granddaughters, my great-granddaughters. I would like them to at least not lovingly remind me of at least my last name that leads to all of them, ” said Zayas.

Celebrities react to the death of Alfonso Zayas

As expected, due to the loss of the great actor, the entertainment world began to react.

ANDI remembered the famous man for his career and sent condolences to the actor’s family and friends:

“Remembered comedian who participated in many films, as well as several television comedy shows. We send our deepest condolences to his family and friends.”

Juan Carlos Casasola, actor and also a comedian, reacted as follows:

“Alfonso Zayas, incredible friend, and the best person leaves a huge mark in the middle of the show. RIP. We are going to miss you figure, “he wrote on Twitter.

Edgar Vivar lamented the death of Alfonso with an image as a souvenir:

“Some years ago, in Peru, we filmed together. Today Alfonso is leaving this plane.  Thanks for your friendship, thanks for the anecdotes, thanks for the smiles,” he wrote.

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