Alex Lora and his character ‘Coco’, the Disney movie

The Mexican rock and roll legend turns 68 this Wednesday.

The Mexican Alex Lora is one of the greatest exponents of rock and roll in Spanish and one of the personalities with the longest and most outstanding career in the Spanish-speaking music industry. Renowned for his irreverence and sense of humor, he is the lead singer of the legendary rock band El Tri, which has sold more than 30 million records in almost four decades on stage. Her unmistakable voice has not only made the hearts of her fans vibrate, but she has also been immortalized by giving life to one of the characters in Coco,  one of the most important animated films of the last decade produced by Pixar.

Alex Lora

The Piedras Rodantes singer was one of the special guests who in 2017 lent their voice to the children’s film that pays tribute to Mexican traditions related to the Day of the Dead. Alex played Gustavo, a violinist from “beyond,” who is a friend of Hector, played by Gael García Bernal. Although he is a secondary character, he is a key piece in the story, since he is the one who tells Miguel about the contest in which he will be able to find his great-great-grandfather, Ernesto de la Cruz in the voice of Marco António Solís “El Buki” In addition to being the one who repeatedly mocks the protagonist and tells how he earned the nickname Chorizo.

The story Alex Lora and the foundation of El Tri will be part of Rompan Todo, a Latin American music documentary that will premiere on Netflix this month.

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