Alejandra Guzmán Ends Her Love Affair After Being Allegedly Blackmailed

Alejandra Guzmán is immersed in a new controversy after revealing that she had allegedly ended her love affair with a man of British origin after being a victim of extortion and infidelity in recent weeks.

A source close to the singer told TV Notes magazine that the rocker had ended her love affair with a man named Lance after being contacted through social networks by a woman who assured that this subject was being unfaithful to her and that he was an opportunist who only wanted money.

TV Notes explained that Guzmán broke any type of contact with the 56-year-old man after learning that he was an opportunist who was only trying to get money from her and the other woman he cheated on.

The Mexican publication announced that the star was surprised by her ex-boyfriend when he was visiting the city of Miami for the celebration of Premio Lo Nuestro 2021 in mid-February. At that time, the couple allegedly had a strong fight.

“Alejandra was furious, and this guy was the same, they yelled at each other and demanded everything, and when Lance turned his back to sit down, Ale stung him with a table knife; she was full of adrenaline from drugs, and a lot of anger against Lance, so she stung him without thinking, but she didn’t bury him, nor stab him as they said; I do not minimize the seriousness of the situation, but it was not as they said, “a source told TV Notes magazine.

A few weeks ago, Alejandra Guzmán seized the main headlines for allegedly having stabbed her boyfriend during a fight in the city of Miami, for which the man had been transferred to a hospital emergency. Given the controversy, the singer did not comment on the accusations.

TV Notes maintains that during the fight, Lance took the knife from the Mexican artist to make “small cuts” to threaten her with denouncing to the Miami authorities that she had tried to assassinate him throughout the altercation.

Alejandra Guzmán’s ex-boyfriend would have asked the singer for money and medical attention in exchange for not making a scandal of everything that happened during the alarming fight. At the request of the subject, the interpreter agreed to give him $ 350,000 in exchange for his silence and not to approach him again, according to TV Notes.

However, TV Notes mentioned that Guzmán a short time later was contacted by this subject identified as Lance, who asked him for more money in exchange for his silence and in case she did not comply with his request, he would publish a video in which they allegedly appeared having sex and where the rocker’s face was clearly visible.

TV Notes reported that the Mexican agreed to Lance’s blackmail and gave him just over a million dollars in the midst of her despair over the scandal that could befall him with the publication of an intimate video.

After the unfortunate event, the singer has been “very vulnerable” for all that she had to live, according to the Mexican publication.

Faced with the controversy, Alejandra Guzmán and her work team have not commented on the matter. A few days ago, the star’s father made it known exclusively that she had been infected with COVID-19.

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