Alejandra Espinoza has not only created a very solid relationship with her millions of fans in the United States, but she is also one of the celebrities who always try to keep them aware of what is happening in her life.

And this time, the nice television host revealed to be concerned about her health, because she is having problems with one of her breasts, which, according to People in Spanish, could make the former beauty queen have to undergo surgery.

The former Nuestra Belleza Latina spoke directly with her followers, through an Instagram Live, and there she confessed that she is having discomfort in the right breast, which worried her a lot.

“I had to be doing some tests because I was having a lot of pain in my right breast, so I actually got scared a little bit,” said the 33-year-old Mexican through her social network. “It was getting to me like very hard, very strange. Anyway, I had to go to the doctor. I had to go take some exams ”.

The Univision animator opened her heart and mentioned that when she began to notice the pain in her breast, she was particularly alarmed since there is a history of breast cancer in her family, but everything seems to indicate that it is not anything serious.

“Obviously because of the history we have in the family, with my sister … I did feel like scared, because my sister got breast cancer very young, at 38 years old, so obviously yes it scares me a little. I am 33 years old, but this is not forgiving, ”added the star of the small screen, who two years ago underwent surgery with her implants.

And when talking about what the doctors found, after the exams, Espinoza said: “it seems that my right breast is encapsulating, so, I don’t know, I have to go have other tests to see what happens (…) I still have I have to wait for some results to arrive, (but it seems) that I am going to have to operate ”.

Last year the television presenter confessed that as a teenager she felt traumatized by the size of her breasts, so after winning Nuestra Belleza Latina, she decided to have surgery and a size reduction.

“At 16 I started to develop from ahead and I was not very happy about it. And that was something very personal because all my sisters are big boobs and they all love them, but I never liked them. I didn’t like them at all, I was always wearing a T-shirt, I didn’t like showing them a lot, I couldn’t put on many clothes that I wanted, ”said the ex-queen.

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