Agustin Ramirez Cause Of Death – How Did Agustín Ramírez Die?

Agustín Ramírez, the lead singer of ‘ Los Caminantes’ for more than four decades and the founder of the band along with his brothers, died on October 26. 2022 at the age of 70, according to a statement from the group on its official Instagram profile.

According to the family, Agustín Ramírez passed away peacefully and in the company of his loved ones, so they asked for the best wishes for his eternal rest. Although they did not detail the causes of the author’s death, it is said that the 70-year-old musician died of natural causes.

“It is with deep regret that we must inform you of the death of Agustín Ramírez on October 26. Agustín passed away peacefully surrounded by family and loved ones. As the lead singer of Los Caminantes, Agustín leaves behind an incredible career spanning more than 40 years.”

Agustín Ramírez was already fighting against health problems

In addition, the leader of Los Caminantes was already fighting health problems, since 2018 he has been recovering from facial paralysis that he suffered due to overwork and stress, which is why he had to be admitted to a clinic in Los Angeles, California.

At that time, Ramírez was 65 years old and was originally from San Francisco del Rincón Guanajuato. This facial paralysis was due to a cerebrovascular accident, but fortunately, he was treated in time.

Agustín Ramírez Dead
Agustín Ramírez /Photo

Who was Agustín Ramírez?

He was born on August 28, 1952, and was responsible for composing great successes of Los Caminantes such as Palomita Mensajera, Para que WANNA RETURN, I will return, Fly, Come and Hug me, I Like Everything About You, My Girl, Tears When Remembering, etc.

Ramírez recorded more than 35 productions with his group that was mostly recognized from the 70s to the 90s.? The singer-songwriter had already had health problems for a couple of years, since he suffered from facial paralysis due to stress.

Just on August 28 of this year, they celebrated their 70th birthday, and a photo appeared on social networks in which they wore an elegant three-piece suit, as they used to go on stage: “Today we celebrate another year, friends. I am grateful to God that I gave another birthday,” Augustin wrote at the time.

In 1983, they released their first album called Supe Perder and thus began their rise to international fame. They were well received in Mexico and in 1990 they made their first film called Caminantes… Si Hai Caminos.

Although the death of his younger brother, Martin Ramirez, was a blow to Los Caminantes, they decided to continue with their projects.

Agustin Ramirez was born on August 28, 1952. He was responsible for composing the greatest hits of ‘Los Caminantes’ such as:’Palomita Mensajera’, ‘Para kue tu kue tu puede regresar’, ‘Regresare’, ‘Volar, volar’, ‘Zagrli me’, ‘Jedne noći’, ‘Sviđa mi se sve na tebi’, and many others.

During their career, they recorded more than 30 albums and had numerous collaborations with international groups. By 2023, they released their latest material and continued to share their music with their followers until Agustin’s death.

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