Adrian Uribe’s Father Died: How Did Actor’s Father Die?

Actor Adrian Uribe, who in October announced that he was going through one of the happiest moments of his life, after the birth of his little daughter Emily , as a result of his relationship with Thuany Martins, is going through a very painful moment at the beginning of this 2021 , after the death of his father.

The star of the program “La hora pico” announced on his social networks the death of his father, after sharing a beautiful photograph in which he is seen giving his father a kiss on his birthday.

Adrian accompanied the image with a message in which he assured that he will miss the man who gave him life a lot.

“Who would have thought that that day we were celebrating your last birthday. Today you are already in heaven in the presence of God. Good trip, pa ‘. We are going to miss you a lot! ”, He wrote on his Instagram to accompany a photo in which he was seen hugging his father.

Uribe’s father had turned 77 on August 20, and the actor shared a cute photograph at that time.

The Mexican did not provide specific information about the cause of his father’s death, but the reactions among his fans and friends were immediate.

The followers of who has given life to famous characters such as Vítor and Carmelo turned to Adrián’s Instagram and Twitter accounts to express their support and affection in the midst of this difficult moment that he is living.

With phrases such as “cheer up”, “we love you very much” and “God have your father in his glory”, dozens of fans of the actor extended their condolences.


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Several celebrities also spoke out, including Uribe’s partner on the small screen, Consuelo Duval, who wrote: “I’m so sorry.”

Likewise, the singer Yuri, another of the actor’s great friends, joined the voices of support and on her Instagram said: “Dear friend, I understand your pain and your loss. Receive my love, A hug to the whole family 😥 ”.

Other celebrities who expressed their feelings of regret for the death of Uribe’s father were Patricia Manterola, Ninel Conde, María León, Jessica Coach and Odalys Ramírez, among others.

The actor Mane de la Parra regretted the loss of the actor of “How you are not there 2” and dedicated a fraternal message, where he highlighted how good a son Uribe is, like his brothers.

“My brother I am with you today and always !! I love you and I am very sorry! He will always be proud of the incredible children he had, “said the actor.

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