Actor Tomás Goros Hospitalized For COVID-19

So far neither he nor his family have given any statements about his health.

The 62-year-old actor, Tomás Goros, would have been hospitalized after being identified as a possible carrier of COVID-19. The incident, according to reports, occurred during the night of April 20 and until now the actor’s state of health is unknown.

The report was made by the reporter Víctor Hugo Sánchez through his Twitter account. In the tweet published on April 20, Sánchez wrote: “I am able to confirm that actor Tomás Goros was hospitalized by Covid. Hopefully he recovers and comes out ahead ”.

The actor, who has participated in several projects on Tv Azteca and Telemundo such as Lo que callamos las mujeres, While there is life and El Señor de los Cielos, has not made public statements about his state of health and it is expected that his situation will not reach be serious.

However, a version began to circulate on social networks indicating that Tomás not only tested positive for COVID-19 but is also in serious condition. Among users, it has been constantly pointed out that the actor has a difficult time since, due to his age, he is among the population at risk.

If true, it is unknown so far how it could have been infected. Another thing that they have commented regarding Goros is that one of his last public appearances was in the Mimí Contigo program.

Do not forget that not long ago, when this Tv Azteca production was in its opening week, they had Alejandra and Enrique Guzmán as special guests. However, not two days passed when Mimi, the driver, reported that she had tested positive for the virus. A short time later it would be known that The Queen of Rock was also infected.

The issue here, however, is that Tomás Goros went to the forum of this talk show on March 10, the date on which Carmen Muñoz was replacing the pop singer in what she was recovering from home. At the same time, during the program, he was interviewed by Horacio Villalobos, who until now is not known to have tested positive or to have presented symptoms.

In that special visit that Goros made, where they talked about sexuality for people over 60, the actor showed a great state of health and shared a little about how he can cope with his intimate life as a couple despite not being so young anymore. He also took advantage of the space to give some advice to the audience to have an active routine with their partners.

On the other hand, the last thing that Tomás Goros is known to do is that he was in Veracruz for the recording of a comedy film. The production is called La traición del chiquito and they had started working at the end of March.

In this project, Tomás was going to venture not only as an actor alongside Jessica Segura, but he was also in charge of creating the script. It was an attempt by the actor to show that he could not only play villain roles but that he could also try his hand at the comedy genre.

Tomás Goros was born on May 6, 1958. One of the roles for which he would begin to be more recognized would be José Alberto in the 1990 telenovela, Destino, a production in which he shared credits with stars such as Lourdes Munguía, Juan Ferrara, and Ana Bedspread. After that, he would have other participation in Televisa.

However, he did not close his scene and also participated in some soap operas on Tv Azteca, and other production companies. In addition to his role in El Señor de los Cielos (from Telemundo) as General Antonio Garnica since 2013 , Tomás had one of his appearances in Club de Cuervos , a Netflix original series

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