“31 Minutos” Returns To Mexican Television: Where And At What Time To Watch The Series

The adventures inside the most frenetic newscast on children’s television will return every afternoon on the national network; the Chilean series is considered a cult

On March 15, 2003, a children’s program began to be broadcast on Chilean television, which soon became very popular throughout Latin America. With picturesque characters and colorful settings, “the most truthful newscast on television” enchanted a generation of the early millennium who enjoyed Tulio Triviño, Mico “the microphone”, Juan Carlos Bodoque, Policarpo Avendaño, among many others.

The endearing series became a cult classic and its value as an entertainment and learning product for children has been recognized over the years, in which topics such as ecology, family, and the human rights of children have been addressed. , all with a lot of wit and fun.

After some time without airing, the series will be seen again on the channel that gave it an exhibition in Mexico, Channel Once. Now the most beloved reporters on Latin television are back at it with their hilarious stories, special reports, and musical accounts.

31 minutos, the most peculiar news program on television that enchanted with its light humor, with the genius of its characters and dialogues, will be back from Monday to Friday through the channel of the National Polytechnic Institute.

Because the repetitions of the episodes of the seasons were recurrent in this signal, the 31 minutos stories also reached more children over the years, the same children who grew up with the series, and also adults, who have appreciated the program as an object already of Latin American cult.

Memorable phrases, quotable quotes, catchy song choruses performed in different styles and genres, and maxims announcing children’s rights were captured in the collective unconscious of the generations.

The relevance of 31 minutos , the newscast that addresses the events that occur in Titirilquén, transcended in time and has brought the audience of several countries closer to raising awareness on issues such as the importance of games and recreation, caring for the planet, respect to the personality of each child and the fulfillment of human rights.

The seasons with the adventures of Juan Carlos Bodoque, Juanín Juan Harry, Guaripolo, Patana Tufillo, Raúl Guantecillo, and many more characters that make the fun newscast possible will be broadcast through the Channel Once signal to start today.

From this Thursday, April 15 at 6:00 p.m., Mexico City time, 31 minutos will be broadcast from Monday to Friday on channel 11.1 of open television.


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