Riyaz Aly Net Worth (2022) Biography, Income, Girlfriend, Tiktok

Riyaz Aly Net Worth In 2022

Do you want to know about Riyaz Aly Net Worth? Riyaz Aly Afreen is a Bhutanese fashion blogger, Internet Celebrity, and a prominent media influencer (TikTok). Riyaz is known for lip-syncs on the popular TikTok app. As of 2022, Riyaz Aly’s net worth is estimated to be around $3 million. In the 2019 song ‘Yaari hai,’ Riyaz makes his first debut in a YouTube music video alongside Tony Kakkar featuring Siddharth Nigam & Twinkle.

The 15-year-old social media influencer is known for its stunning looks, fashion ensembles, and haircut. Riyaz Aly has more than 23 million Tiktok followers, India’s most popular Tiktok App follower.

Riyaz Aly began his career with dubbed Bollywood songs by posting TikTok, and then it was just 14 to 15 years old. Well, to the truth, this is one of the rare Indians who are growing up in a TikTok at such a young age! Not everybody gains popularity at such an early age, but when we witness people being worn out in the swirl of fame, yet don’t become famous. In total, Riyaz has over 30 million followers and 1.3 billion Tik-Tok likes.

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Riyaz Aly Net Worth – Income,Salary Money(Riyaz Afreen)

Net Worth$
Net Worth INR22 Crore
Per Year$
Per Month$
Per Week$

Per Day:Per Hour:Per Minute:Per Second:

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Real Name Riyaz Afreen
Nick Name Riyaz Aly
Age 18 years old (2022)
Height in centimeters- 168 cm in meters- 1.68 m in feet & inches- 5′ 6”
weight in Kilograms – 50 Kg
in Pounds – 112 lbs
Family Father – Afroz Afreen
Mother – Shabnam Afreen
Sisters – Riza Afreen
brothers – Not Know
Sister Sister- Reeza Afreen (TikToker)
Father Afroz Afreen
mother Shabnam Afreen
Riyaz Aly With his Family
Riyaz Aly With His Family /Photo


With lip-sync videos, Riyaz got a lot of fame with TikTok. He posted many videos on TikTok, which later became musically transformed and officially banned in India. But Riyaz did not stop this prohibition from amusing his fans.

Today, he published on YouTube videos with many famous singers, YouTubers, TikToker, actors, and actresses from Bollywood. He began his profession at the age of 16.
Riyaz is an over-average student who earned 85% in his SSC. He handles both his education and his career successfully. He loves to make and enjoy TikTok videos and the community. Riyaz is an active personality on social media and spends a great deal of time speaking with his admirers. He has an enormous Indian fan base.

Riyaz Aly Net Worth 2021
Riyaz Aly  / Photo

The Early Life Of Riyaz

Riyaz Aly was born in Jaigaon, Bhutan, on September 14, 2003 (17 years old; as in 2020). He has not finished his schooling yet; he studied at Shri Hanuman Mandir Dharamshala School, Jaigaon, Bhutan. His father’s name is Afroz Afreen, and Shabnam Afreen is his mother’s name, and his sister is Reeza Afreen (Tiktok Star).
He has Indian nationality and is a believer in the faith of Islam. Mr. Afroz Afreen’s father has his shop, while his mother is Mrs. Shabnam Afreen.

Riyaz Aly Net Worth And Career

Riyaz started posting lip-sync videos and other videos on TikTok while the app was still called musical.ly and became successful in the last couple of years. The actor claimed he began uploading at TikTok since it was a method of unleashing his creative side. He is now one of TikTok’s most successful characters.

The young star posts videos and pictures on his Instagram, with over 5 million followers. Fans also adore Riyaz for his style and fashion instincts in his Instagram and TikTok videos.
In interviews, Riyaz mentioned that TikTok has allowed him to meet many unbelievable people. He admires Danish Zehen actor and Justin Bieber, musician. He desires to work as an actor in


Riyaz has also collaborated with renowned celebrities in India and the community of Bollywood. The Hindi and Punjabi songs were some of such partnerships. The renowned Bollywood personalities Neha Kakkar, Jannat Zubair Rahmani, Avneet Kaur, Faisal Kinah (called Mr. Fiasu), and others collaborated. One of his most popular partnerships is his Avneet Kaur relationship.

Riyaz aly girlfriend
Avneet Kaur / Photo

Riyaz girlfriend

Riyaz Aly, a prominent TikTok star, spoke about his equation with Avneet Kaur since there are many rumors. However, the singer explained it and stated, “We are good friends, and working with her is always a pleasure.”

Then there’s no doubt that with his powerful answer, the actor clarified them too. Also, it looks extremely easy to grasp because Avneet Kaur has long been connected with her TV show Aladdin – the co-star of Naam Toh Suna Hoga, Siddharth Nigam.

Riyaz sources of income

Riaz Ali doesn’t earn TikTok or earn much less, but he does make money from brand promotions, 6–10 lakhs per month, and earns money when he meets his fans in partnership with portfolio shooting fans by earning about two lakhs.

Riyaz Aly in his home
Riyaz Aly / Photo

Riyaz Achievements

The Instagram profile of Riyaz has attracted 7.74 million followers. The typical Instagram user has 150 followers for context. It means that Riyaz receives more than a 5.2million times more fans than the average. Each RIYAZ ALY’s posts reach about a 59million people, far more than the average 21 million Instagram profiles.

Instead, Instagram influencers can charge high prices to publish sponsored posts through many fans. Riyaz has an excellent 1.0 percent interaction. Accounts in this range could charge $2 per thousand fans to $3.50 per thousand or more fans. Riyaz Maybe asks for a single post for $19,35 thousand.

In certain circumstances, however, the cost could be significantly higher, reaching 38.69 thousand dollars. The profile might generate $14.12 million a year if to post one sponsored post a day. Paid photos are rarely the only source of influencers’ income. They usually have organizations, start their products, hold conferences or promote their material.

Riyaz Net Worth and income Sources

Some sources say that the net worth of Riyaz Ali is around $3 million that he earns from YouTube and Tiktok. Riyaz Ali shoots with Bollywood’s prominent personalities, with several firms offering Riyaz Ali millions of dollars.


The Big Boy of India’s TikTok universe was Riyaz Aly, with 42,3 million followers. This 16-17-year-old lip-synched from the border town of Bhutan, Jaigaon, was the largest TikToker in India to pay for his influence for the brand, label, and customer.

IIHB’s research team estimated Aly’s yearly profits from TikTok at Rs. 5-6 crores following comprehensive interviews with market intermediaries, talent managers, and TikTokers. He had a greater run-rate throughout the pandemic and, in 2020, might easily reach Rs. 8-9 crores, but for the restriction.

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