Rahul Vohra Net Worth: Rahul Vohra is an Actor, Theatre, Artist, and YouTuber. As of 2021, Rahul Vohra Net Worth is $8 million

Rahul Vohra
35 years
Height:5′ 7″
Net Worth:$8 million
Wife: Jyoti Tiwari
 Siblings:Neeru vohra Bisht
Marriage Date:December 2020
Birth Date:
Year 1986
Date of Death:9 May 2021

Famous actor and theatre artist Rahul Vohra died in Delhi due to Coronavirus. Rahul Vohra had been battling Corona for the past several days and kept on calling for help on Facebook till the last moment.

Actor and theatre artist Rahul Vohra died on Sunday due to Corona Virus. Director and their Guru Arvind Gaur have confirmed this news through social media posts. Rahul had been battling COVID-19 for the past several days and was constantly asking for help on Facebook. He also called for help for better treatment in his last post on Saturday.

In the video, Rahul is seen holding an oxygen mask saying,

It can be clearly seen in this video that Rahul Vohra was craving for oxygen at the last moment. His breath also swelled as he spoke. They are saying, “It costs a lot on today’s time. Without it, the patient is flabbergasted.” They say that there is a machine, but there is no oxygen in it. They say- ‘Nothing is coming in this. Attendant came, I told him, there is a bottle, filling the bottle full and increasing its flow. Water is coming in it. After doing this, they go away. Then call them. Do not come. They come after one and a half hours. Till then manage yourself. Sprinkle water, apply it. Then the water will go again. Then sprinkle it, then put it on. If someone speaks, it is said that he is coming in 1 minute, then he does not come. What should I do with this?

Rahul Vohra posted a post on 4 May. He sought help in this. wrote-

I am Kovid positive. Admit About four days but no recovery. Is there a hospital where oxygen beds can be found? Because here my oxygen level is constantly going down. No one else is going to see in Delhi. I am posting this very forcefully. Because the householders are unable to handle anything.

Rahul Vohra wrote the last post on his Facebook page Irahul Vohra  on Saturday 8 May at 12:38 pm.

If I had got good treatment, I would have survived as well, your
name Rahul
Vohra- Rahul Vohra age- 35
Hospital Name- Rajiv Gandhi Super Specialty Hostel, Tahirpur, Delhi
No- 6554 Floor- 6th, B Wing, HDU
Rahul PM Tagged Narendra Modi and Delhi Deputy CM Manish Sisodio further wrote – I
will take birth soon and will do good work. Now I have lost courage.

Aam Aadmi Party MLA Dilip Pandey also took cognizance of the case after the Facebook post went viral. Calling the hospital and said about better treatment. On which he got information about Rahul’s BiPAP being critical. All possible treatment was said by the doctors. Later, he was also shifted to another private hospital, but could not be saved.

Facebook post was written before dying

Bigg Boss fame Kishwer (Kishwer Merchant) has also tagged Bollywood actor Sonu Sood. He is very sorry that Rahul’s voice could not reach Sonu Sood. It is known that before the demise Rahul Vohra had posted a Facebook in which he wrote that if he too had got good treatment, he could have been saved. This post of Rahul is now getting viral and people are expressing their feelings.

YouTuber Shashank Mishra wrote a post.

Said that social media does not help. So keep in contact with people on the ground too. Lakhs of people like Rahul Vohra lost their lives due to lack of treatment. We continued to pay attention to religion, temple, mosque. The government also did not make arrangements for the hospital, oxygen. While large scientific institutions of the country warned. So we have to help ourselves together. Nothing will happen with the government.

Rahul vohra wife
Rahul vohra and his wife/Photo

Rahul vohra wife

She is married to Jyoti Tiwari, a writer and a poet. They got married on 13 December 2020.

Biography of Rahul Vohra

Rahul Vohra is an Indian film actor who is mainly active in Hindi cinema. Rahul Vohra has acted in several films till now, including Gauri Hari Dastan, The Freedom File, etc.

Rahul Vohra, who hails from Uttarakhand, switched to the digital platform after the theatres. He had appeared in many web series. Recently he got infected with Coronavirus. In his last Facebook post, Rahul wrote, ‘If I had got a good treatment, I would have saved yours too.’ Rahul further wrote, ‘I will take birth soon and will do good work. Now I have lost courage.

Sharing the news of Rahul’s death on Facebook, Arvind Gaur wrote, ‘Rahul Vohra is gone. My promising actor is no more. Yesterday, Rahul had said that if I had got good treatment, I would have survived. Yesterday evening, he was shifted from Rajiv Gandhi Hospital to Ayushman, Dwarka, but..Rahul we all could not save you, sorry, we are your culprits … Last salute .. ‘

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