National Taco Day 2020

Both in the United States and Mexico, today, October 4, the national taco day is celebrated with great enthusiasm . The United States, today, October 4, the national taco day is celebrated with great enthusiasm.

It should be noted that this dish is originally from Mexico, despite this, many Americans consume it thanks to its unique flavor.

Today many restaurants are going traditional, holding big raffles and selling tacos for $ 1.

Some statistics made in 2017 have shown that a year US citizens consume 4.5 billion tacos.

There are many theories that speak about the history of this traditional dish, however, the most recognized is the one that explains that it arose from the city of Texas.

Usually, when we visit a Mexican stall they say what ” With a flour or corn tortilla, with or without sauce, with or without the cheese. The taco is taco ”

The preparation method is basically the same, the only thing that can vary countless times is the type of filling, this is because there is something for all tastes and regions.

We invite you to prepare delicious tacos at home or join us to celebrate National Taco Day at a taco stand!

Take advantage of offers and contests to get traditional dishes totally free.

Taco day history

According to some stories, it is said that the consumption of the taco started from prehistoric times when in the mines of Mexico explosives wrapped in paper were used to extract the mineral.

The cooks of that time, seeing the similarity of the dish with the explosives, decided to call it ‘ ‘ Tacos ” this because, when you think about it, a chicken taquito with a good hot sauce looks a lot like a stick of dynamite with the explosion of many flavors on our palate.

However, another of the origins of the taco talks about the valleys of Mexico, there the settlers made fish tacos, the tortilla was always made with corn to obtain a quite crunchy texture.

So successively, different stories of tacos emerged, until we reached the type of mixed taco that is consumed today; And, you can go anywhere that they prepare a taquito with a lot of heart.

Formerly, the taco was considered a dish for humble or low-income people, but thanks to the culinary mixtures of the mothers it became so popular until it reached the United States in the 20th century.

Mexican history celebrated in the United States

After 2007, Televisa made the decision to make this popular day televised, so much so that in the US many television channels carry out the same transmission.

All this has been in honor of the traditional diets of humble families in Mexico. For both Mexicans and Americans, the traditional taco day is celebrated on October 4 of each year (Since the 60s).

Currently, there are many types of tacos, but it is preferable to keep the traditional recipe for U- shaped tacos with any type of meat or vegetable filling.

Today the taco, taqueros, and taco consumers have their day in Mexico and the neighboring country. The best way to celebrate this date is by attending different stalls or places full of offers and many flavors.

In some places, they even offer free tacos to the person, this is mostly in restaurants where for the purchase of a lunch you take a taco.

At Tijuana Flats, for only $ 5.99 you can get a combo of 2 tacos + fries + 1 drink, usually, the offer remains in place until the 6th of this month.

Taco Bell (sort of)

He has brought an offer of $ 5, which consists of sending a card and online taco redemption to your loved ones. Even if you wish, you can make the gift for yourself anonymously.

Burger King

At Burger King, they are very close to being free, since they cost $ 1, the price is very low and will allow you to eat the number of tacos you want on this holiday.

Baja Fresh

Finally, in this store, we find the option that you buy a taco and take another totally free.

National taco day

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