Super Smash Bros. Ultimate revealed its new fighters

The characters will be in charge of being part of this game  

Nintendo announced this Thursday that Steve and Alex, the protagonists of the successful game for PC and consoles, Minecraft, will be the new fighters that will be part of the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate video game.

The news was revealed through a video posted through his YouTube channel, which shows the gameplay of each of these characters in which he uses the fun tools to extract all the materials found in his world. 

Super Smash Bros

In addition to these two characters, the Nintendo game will also include two more variants, that of Zombie and Enderman. The fighters will arrive in the game as part of Fighter Pass Vol. 2, a paid DLC that incorporates the new stars. 

Steve and Alex will have their own combat style, which will be based on the construction of structures and weapons, although more details of this DLC will be revealed on October 3.


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