SSundee’s Net Worth: How Rich Is The Youtuber Actually In 2022?

SSundee Net Worth in 2022

SSundee’s Net Worth: The arrival of Youtube has necessarily raised the need for good content creators (Youtube Influencers). YouTubers like Ian Marcus Stapleton, aka SSundee, surely knows how to hook up the user with their niche; Above all, Ian holds a massive fan following on his Youtube account. However, SSundee’s Net Worth in 2022 is $27 Million.

Full Name Ian Marcus Stapleton
Birth Date
December 2, 1987
Birth Place Michigan
Profession YouTube gamer
Age  33 years
Net Worth $27 million


Youtube has been serving the youth with a variety of organic content. A trustworthy platform both for the users and for the content creators. However, Ian started his Youtube journey by uploading a vlog on September 24, 2010, “Minecraft Rollercoaster! w/ SSundee”.

Ian was born in Michigan on December 2, 1987. He belongs to the African and Irish Ancestry. Moreover, Ian is blessed with two siblings; he stands at the second of the three children. Unfortunately, we have no related information about his parents, childhood, or early education.

SSundee Net Worth & Early Life:

At the age of 8, Ian moved to Louisiana, spending almost 8 years in Louisiana. Later he moved to Virginia. After spending two years in Virginia, he decided to move to South Carolina, where he lived for 11 wonderful years. Later he moved to Victoria, British Columbia, in Canada. He is currently residing in his old home in the town of Summerville, South Carolina.

Air Force:

He was in his adulthood when he joined the Air Force (Military Branch). Ian served the Air force for six years in active duty, in conclusion, 2 years in the reserves and 4 years in Iraq. After that, he left the Airforce in 2011. Certainly, he first produced a vlog talking about his Air Force journey and uploaded the video on February 14, 2013.

The Beginning Of An Victorious Youtube Career:

Early career (2010-2013)

SSundee did not plan to jump into the Youtube bandwagon; he made his Youtube account on November 27, 2009. His first video, “Minecraft Rollercoaster! w/SSundee”, was uploaded on September 24, 2010. In addition, before this, he was producing call of duty vids. Unfortunately, the videos are now privatized for some reason. However, on August 23, 2013, SSundee got 1 million subscribers.

Derp SSundee (2013)

Secondly, Ian started his second self known as Derp SSundee and made his first appearance in “Minecraft Mods – Corruption Dimension Mod – Mobs, Boss, Items.” In addition, he started to record with fellow American Gaming Youtuber Lanceypooh; the duo later collaborated on many videos.

Team Crafted Journey (2013-2014)

Moreover, in 2013, Ian decided to join the famous gaming group Team Crafted, including Bajan Canadian, Deadlock, HuskyMudKipz, JeromeASF, KermitPlaysMinecraft, Minecraft Universe, Setosorcerer, and SkyDoesMinecraft.

SuperDraft Bros 45 ft SSundee & Lanceypooh (2013-2014)

Earlier in 2013, the duo worked together, later after some months, the two collaborated again on November 19, 2013, they uploaded Minecraft SuperCraft Bros 45. The duo SSundee and Lanceypooh were online known as Landee.


Amidst the FTB Minecraft series. Certainly, SSundee became obsessed with the Cobblestone. So on the 27th episode, SSundee declared, “Cobblestone Equals Life.”

Gaming Series ft SSundee:

  1. Feed The Beast
  2. The Battledome
  3. Crazy Craft (2014)
  4. SkyFactory (seasons 1-3)
  5. TNT Wars
  6. Crude Craft
  7. Lucky Block Challenge (2015-2019)
  8. Golden Cobblestone
  9. Troll Craft
  10. SkyRealms
  11. Headhunters
  12. Murder RunSkyFactory 4
  13. Crazy Craft (seasons 1-2)
  14. Fortnite
  15. Among Us
  16. Insane Craft

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How Rich Is The Youtuber Actually In 2022?

SSundee Net Worth:

The famous Youtube Influencer SSundee marks himself in the list of the most followed influencers. Most importantly, his Troll Craft series is currently the most popular. As of 2022, SSundee’s Net Worth is $27 Million. Youtube is not his only source of income; he is also dependent on affiliate commissions. He also co-own DoubleJump.

SSundee’s monthly income varies between $800-$900, and SSundee annual income is measured at $22 Million a year, making him one of the richest YouTubers.

How much does SSundee make in a day?

After briefly studying the Youtube Algorithm, In conclusion, SSundee makes $30-$50 in a day. As we all know, Youtube pays $3 to $7 per one thousand video views. His channel attracts more than 6 Million subscribers a day.

How much SSundee make in a year?

You will be blown away to read how much SSundee makes in a year. SSundee makes $22 Million a year. Other than Youtube, Affiliate commissions also contribute a measurable part in his six-digit earnings.

Channel Stats:

How much SSundee make in a year

SSundee Girlfriend/ Wife/ Marital Status

Ian got married to his long-time girlfriend Madelyn In 2006; The two had a son named Colton, who took birth in 2009. So consequently, in 2012, a rumor reached our feed, Ian got separated from Madelyn, which was not true; in other words, the two took a break from each other and were seen together in 2014; they live in Summerville, South Carolina. On October 25, 2019, the two welcomed their second child named Simeon Luke Stapleton was born.

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