PUBG Mobile is coming back in India, the company announced – ‘special game for India’

In view of the increased tension between India and China, in September 2020, the Indian government had taken strong measures and banned 118 mobile applications including PUBG. It also included PUBG Mobile Lite. This app was removed from the Google Store after the ban.

But PUBG is once again coming back to India. Actually, South Korean company PUBG Corporation has announced that its company is bringing a new game for the Indian market soon. This game is specially made for India only and this time PUBG company will not do any partnership with Chinese companies.

Now PUBG mobile will not work in India, users will not be able to play installed games

According to PUBG Corporation, PUBG Mobile India will be launched in India. For this app, the company has said that this new app will follow data security in a better way. As such, India will not get complaints like data security as before.

Along with this, PUBG company is also ready to make a big investment in India. The official press release released by PUBG Corporation states that Keter PUBG Corporation, a player of Players Unknown Battleground, a subsidiary of South Korean company Krafton, proclaims that PUBG Mobile India in India Preparations is being made to launch.

Know the ban on China’s 224 mobile apps, India has given China such a big shock this time?

According to PUBG Corporation, PUBG Mobile India is specially designed for India. PUBG company has also said that it will give users the chance to play safe and healthy games. PUBG Corporation has also announced that the company will also set up a subsidiary company in India so that it can interact better with the players.

Also, it has also been informed that India’s publisher company will hire 100 employees for this. For this, local offices will be prepared and the company will start gaming services here in association with the local business.

PUBG will be back! App’s company Tencent will request removal of ban from India

Explain that the Indian government had banned 118 apps in China, including PUBG. The government had said that these apps are not safe. Earlier, for this reason, the government had banned 59 Chinese apps.

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