Performance Of The Xbox Series S Console, An Obstacle For The Next-Gen?

In recent weeks, the Xbox Series S console has come under fire from game developers because its hardware forces them to create more restrictive performance settings; They have highlighted its memory and resolution limitations compared to Xbox Series X, and in the next-generation enhancements to Control Ultimate Edition for PS5 and Xbox Series X this has become apparent.

Microsoft has recently received little veiled criticism of its Xbox Series S console from developers, and in fact, one of them has even said that it would be better for everyone if there were only one version of the console, while another has assured that the game modes in its next title will have to be restricted due to a “hardware limitation”. Is the Xbox Series S “obstructing” the development of next-gen games?

What limits the performance of the Xbox Series S?

It seems that the main problems are focused on the amount of memory that Microsoft’s small console has (it has 10 GB while PS5 and Xbox Series X have 16 GB) as well as the maximum output resolution (1440p at 120 FPS vs 8K at 60 FPS / 4K at 120 FPS for the PS5 and Xbox Series X). In any case, the hardware of this console is notably inferior to that of the other two.

“The size of the memory available on Xbox Series S is the real determining point for this entire generation of consoles, as the game’s features must be adjusted to the lowest specifications of the consoles for which it is released. From a developer’s point of view, it would be a lot easier if there was only one Xbox console. – Paweł Lekki, Exor Studios ( The Riftbreaker).

Xbox Series S

This console has also received criticism from 505 Games regarding the upcoming Control Ultimate Edition. The developers have released next-gen details on the game modes showing how the Xbox Series S is restricted to a single performance mode: 60 FPS, no ray tracing, rendering resolution at 900p, and upscaling to 1080p.

Xbox Series S

Obviously having less RAM available, in addition to a noticeably slower GPU (4 TFLOPs compared to 12 for the Xbox Series X and 10.28 for the PS5) will always create a bottleneck situation on this console, and with This informative note seems that the developers of Control have wanted to make clear that it is not because of the game but because of the hardware of the Xbox console.

Is this console a drag on the new generation?

In this regard we can only agree with the developer: think that you are programming a game for consoles, and obviously you will have to optimize it for the hardware of the consoles, but how to do this? It will be imperative that the game works as well as possible on the console that has the worst hardware specifications, in this case, the Xbox Series S which is the one that provides the least performance. This means that although the game works well on all three consoles, obviously you will be greatly limiting the potential of the title on the most powerful consoles because of the one that is left behind.

In other words, it does seem that the hardware and performance of the Xbox Series S console are greatly restricting the development of new generation games to the point that some developers have already come to the fore to complain about the situation.

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