Lachlan Net Worth: How Rich Is The YouTuber Actually In 2022?

Lachlan Net Worth In 2022

Lachlan is a famous Australian YouTube gamer with over 14.7 million subscribers on his channel. He is a 26 years old Fortnite gamer. Lachlan blew up in 2312-2013 pixelmon videos and joining a now-famous group called the pack. Lachlan’s net worth is approximately $1.5 million, and he has been earning up to $2.4 million per year.

Lachlan channel primarily focuses on Pokemon Go in 2016 into mid-2017, but it has since shifted to Fortnite. He uploads daily Fortnite videos on his channel. His channel had reached over 14 million subscribers and 4.7 billion videos, ranking as the sixth most subscribed and fifth most-viewed channel on the platform from Australia.

Full Name Lachlan Ross Power
Birth Date August 25, 1995
Birth Place Brisbane
Profession Youtuber and Gamer, Internet Celebrity
Age 26 years
Net Worth $1.5 million

Early life

Lachlan Rose Power was born on August 25, 1995, in Brisbane, Queensland. He grew up in Shailer Park, Queensland, Australia. Lachlan’s father, Darren, is a local politician and his mother, Lyne, is a bank manager. He has one sister Jackie and a brother Mitchell. His brother also plays Minecraft. Lachlan and a model, Morgan Kriz, began dating in 2019.
Lachlan attended a school to complete their education. He played sports throughout high school, and he used to play football. He attended college and graduated in information technology.


Lachlan was a big fan of Pokemon. He enjoyed classic games like Mario Kart and Donkey Kong in his early years. During high school, Lachlan became interested in YouTube. He was attracted to gaming and found himself in hours of footage.

Lachlan created his own YouTube channel and started uploading content. He made his channel “CraftBattleDuty in March. His earlier uploads contents were Battlefield, Minecraft, and Call of Duty.

In 2017, Lachlan’s channel experienced substantial growth in popularity when he began playing Fortnite Battle Royale. In January 2019, his channel became the first Australian gaming content creator to hit that milestone with 10 million subscribers.

During Fortnite’s season-ending live event on YouTube peaked at 198.976 concurrent viewers. In October 2019, Power had signed a deal with YouTube to stream exclusively on that platform.
In 2020, Power launched a professional esports Fortnite team-based I Queensland, called “PWR.” Later the Power expanded to being a gaming, apparel brand, and entertainment, and it received his Fortnite skin in the game as part of the Fortnite Icon Series.

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Lachlan Personal Life
Lachlan /photo

Lachlan Net Worth & Personal Life

Lachlan’s height is 6ft, and he is 26 years old. He has so many nicknames like “Little Lachy” and “The Lachers.” His net worth has estimated at over $15 million US dollars.
Lachlan is a role model for upcoming gamers. He is a member of the Minecraft clique, The Pack, and other popular gamers. His favorite TV show is Breaking Bad; however, he does not watch much TV due to time constrain.

Lachlan has become the subject of various memes across social media due to his popularity. He has an Instagram account with 1.5 + million followers, and his YouTube channels sit north of 14 million subscribers. Lachlan is possibly single and has not previously engaged, and his girlfriend is currently unknown.

Lachlan’s Net Worth

Lachlan’s actual net worth is unclear, but he has an estimated net worth of about $3.33 million. This prediction is only base on YouTube advertising revenue, but Lachlan’s net value may be more. According to the source of income, Lachlan may be worth closer to $4.67 million.

How much does Lachlan earn daily?

Lachlan has a gaming channel named Lachlan-Playz with over 540000 subscribers. He can generate around $140 per day from 75,000 views a day. He uploads 2-3 videos per day, and the videos in his channel get an average of 1.7 million views per day. The estimated earning revenue of Lachlan is around $13,000 per day just from the ads that appear on the videos.

How much does Lachlan earn monthly?

Lachlan has a CPM of 9, and its highest consistently average of 350 to 400 million views per month. According to the social blade, his monthly earning is unclear, but he makes $3.8k monthly while $45.8k annually.

How much does Lachlan earn yearly?

Lachlan has 14.6 million YouTube subscribers. Based on calculations by the social blade, he earns at least $2.6 million this year. Equating donations and merch and brand deals that skyrockets to around 6.5 million. Lachlan’s income could be double this when it includes endorsements and merchandise.

How Lachlan makes extra income?

Lachlan makes some extra money to selling merchandise and getting brand deals. He has promoted many brands such as Niantic, PUBG Mobile, Samsung, Net Ease, Nickelodeon, etc.


Lachlan is the most popular and most prosperous YouTube star, professional gamer, and internet star. He is known for his video game commentaries of Fortnite Battle Royale. Lachlan is rank on the elite list of a celebrity.

Lachlan is the founder of a lifestyle brand and gaming organization, PWR. According to analysis, Lachlan’s net worth is $1.5 million.

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