How To Deal With A Husband Who Is Addicted To Video Games

Husband Addicted To Gaming

If your husband is more concerned about his “World of Warcraft” clan than about you and his royal clan, he may be addicted to video games. This addiction is like any other, and if left untreated, it can get to the point of interfering with the addict’s personal relationships, financial status, and social life. If you think your husband is addicted to games, talk to him, and offer him constructive alternatives for his addiction. By acknowledging and treating the problem, you can avoid his dependency and get him back to being himself.

Step 1

Control when your husband plays and for how long. Encourage him to do the same, as this will show him the amount of time he spends playing.

Step 2

Create a calendar. Plan ahead how much time you will spend playing each day. Try to cut 10% each week, and always plan together so you don’t feel threatened and in control.

Step 3

Plan alternative activities that you can do together. Video games are a form of escape, so you should plan activities such as a night out for dinner and a movie or going to a concert. By planning these activities that you do together, you will also give him a social connection that he may think is unique to his gaming community.

Step 4

Give him his space, but encourage him to do activities outside of video games. You can join a bowling league or softball, for example, or go hiking or biking. Whatever it is, doing things with friends outside of their romantic relationship with you is healthy and will help them feel less dependent on your online community.

Step 5

Place your computer in a very crowded area, such as a family room or living room. Concealment fuels addiction, so you should put the computer in a prominent place where you can always see what it is used for.

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