Get Double FPS In Fortnite With PC Performance Mode

One of the star games of recent years is undoubtedly Fortnite . We are not going to describe this game for obvious reasons being TOP 3 at present, but it is true that its developers are putting all the meat on the roast to ensure that this title achieves optimal performance on any PC, including low-end ones. . For this reason, as of today, the so-called ” Performance Mode ” will be available in the game in Alpha phase , which guarantees a significant increase in FPS.

This Performance Mode is only selectable from the configuration menu of the game itself and, as has been advanced, offers significant improvements thanks to the fact that it changes the visual quality to reduce the use of the system’s RAM memory and of course lighten the memory. load on CPU and GPU.

More than notable improvements for those who have a less powerful PC

Double FPS In Fortnite

Logically and having said this, the developers have focused on offering the best of the game in smaller doses, so that performance is greatly enhanced and less limited by the limitations of the hardware itself.

Something similar to what is achieved with consoles, and although nothing is free, it is true that with little you can get a lot, since this mode will allow Fortnite to run better than ever and keep the FPS rate so much higher as softer, granting a competitive advantage to the player that they did not have before.

Double FPS In Fortnite

According to the company, this performance mode is optional for most users and will only be supported by Battle Royale and Creative modes , in fact, players with older or less powerful hardware will see an in-game message directing them towards this. mode to be able to test it and as a recommended configuration to play it.

Total freedom for the user: performance mode in Fortnite is deactivatable

Double FPS In Fortnite

As expected, this Performance Mode is fully configurable and disabled, but will then require a restart of the game for the changes to take effect. Regarding performance, EPIC Games ensures that those users who have an SSD (very common today) as well as 6 GB of RAM or more will be able to enjoy a better user experience due to the advantages that this entails in terms of speed and capacity.

In fact, they ensure that they balance the system load, allow the game to load optimally in RAM, reduce problems and especially the stuttering that occurs when we import textures from the system memory.

What can we expect from this Performance Mode? EPIC Games has openly offered two very clear examples of the performance that we can see. In both cases they are processors for laptops and iGPUs, so it will be interesting to see the before and after. The first example is under an i5-8265U with 8 GB of RAM, its UHD 620 and although it is not specified as such, we understand that it includes a SATA SSD.

In this scenario we went from 24 FPS to 61 , an incredible improvement without a doubt and more in Fortnite, but it is that in the second case with AMD A10-5745M processor , 6 GB of RAM and Radeon HD 8610G we went from 18 FPS to 45 FPS , a brutal improvement. Have you tried it yet?

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