The biggest expansion of the game is coming soon and Rockstar gave us the first teaser of it.

Grand Theft Auto V continues to be one of the most prominent games despite seven years since its initial launch, and its Online versionis the most prominent, with a multitude of players despite the time it has been in force. And that is about to increase greatly with the new update that will come to the game.

From Rockstar Games we anticipated that we would have a great update this year in GTA Online, and we saw it in the middle of the year with the summer news, but in 2021 the game will have the largest expansion in its history, we already have a first look at it.

Although there are some minimal details about what Rockstar tells us in his teaser, the highlight is the map that is seen for a few small moments on the side of the screen and that we present below in the best resolution we could get:

gta new map
GTA new map

Everything indicates that we will have a bigger and more immersive Los Santos than ever in the next expansion, but we still have to wait for the next details that Rockstar has for us before knowing what exactly they are up to.


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