FGTeeV Net Worth [2022] Popular On YouTube

FGTeeV net worth in 2022

This youtube channel also became famous and earned very well due to its adventurous videos like gaming videos and funny pranks done by FGTeeV Family. As of  2022, The net worth of the FGTeeV is about $40M. No doubt, Youtube channels are a great source of income nowadays.

FGTeeV Duddy, real name Vincent Carter, is loved by children as he is pleased to spend all day with kids in funny activities. He got fame due to his comedy on the FGTeeV channel. He is the main character of the FGTeeV family. His wife’s name is Samantha, known as Skylander Mom, and FGTeeV Duddy is known as Skylander Duddy.

Full Name
Vincent Carter
Date of Birth: October 29, 1974
Net Worth:  $40 Million
Profession: YouTuber
Nationality: United States
Marital Status: married
Wife: Samantha Ryan
Children: Four (Alexis Ryan, Mike, Chase, and Shawn Ryan )
Age: 47 years old
Last Updated: 2022

Early life

He was born in the United States on October 29, 1974. His parent’s name is Tom and Jody, and he has two sisters, Heidi and Elyssa.

FGTeeV Duddy created a YouTube channel in December 2006. After the birth of his daughter Alexis, he created the ‘FUNnel Vision’ youtube gaming channel. The channel’s name was derived from the family motto Fun OI Day. Firstly, it begins by creating vlogs, and then gradually it includes all kinds of funny activities.

The first video of his daughter, Alexis, was uploaded on August 25, 2007. That video has a very beautiful caption, “Baby Eating Salt and Vinegar Chips First Time Trying and Eating Reaction!” In starting years, he uploaded videos randomly on FGTeeV. The FGTeeV frequency was quite low at that time.

After three years, in 2009, the FGTeeV Duddy became a regular YouTuber. He uploaded the video of his son Mike and daughter Alexis with the title “‘If Kids Were In Charge!’. This video has increased the views of his channel, and it became one of the most famous videos on this channel.

FGTeeV Family
FGTeeV Family /Photo

FGTeeV net worth and Personal Life Of FGTeeV Family

Vincent Carter is the real name of the FGTeeV Duddy. Most of their fans are curious to know that where does FGteeV family live? FGTeeV family lived at 3004 Wheatfield Dr, Waxhaw, NC. But the real place of living FGTeeV is America, United States.

Following Duddy’s successful life, his parents and sisters created many channels and became successful YouTubers of that time. One of their channel names is ‘Funkee Bunch’. It contains various types of vlogs, challenges, DIY crafts, pranks, and other travelogues videos.

Duddy is married to Samantha, known as Skylander Mom or Mommy. They both have four children. Their eldest child’s name is Alexis or simply Skylander Girl; the second child’s name is Michael or Mike, known as Skylander Boy. Their two youngest sons are Chase, known as Lightcore Chase, and Baby Shawn.

Professional life

He created the youtube channel mainly for his son and daughter after the birth of his second son Chase. The channel was known as ‘The Sky lander Boy And Girl’. Mike was a popular Sky lander Boy, and Alexis was a Sky lander girl. This channel has 2.3 million subscribers.

After this channel, he and his wife named Samantha and Skylander Dad and Sky lander Mom became Sky lander Family. This channel had grown to be one of the famous and well-known family gaming and family vlogging youtube channels. This channel has about 7 million subscribers.

The FV Family channel has 7.95 subscribers. The FGTeeV channel had grown to be one of the best family vlogging channels on YouTube, with nearly 19 million subscribers. Duddy later created more channels like “DohMuchFun”, which also has 685k subscribers.

FGTeeV Net Worth
FGTeeV /Photo

FGTeeV net worth

The FGTeeV is an amazing gaming YouTube channel for a family who loves to play games. The family of this YouTuber consists of two parents, their daughter Alexis and their three sons Mike, Shawn, and the little one Chase. FGTeeV net worth is nearly $40 million.

The content of this channel includes gaming, comedy, toy unboxing, funny activities, etc. These channels also have subscribers in millions with a lot of views. The FGTeeV channel generates revenue of around $18,000 per day or $6.6 million per year.

The FGTeeV family is making more income from their other youtube channels, i.e. The Sky lander Boy and Girl, FUNnel Vision, and DohMuchFun.

General Information About FGTeeV

They are Christians, and they usually refer to Jesus Christ many times on their youtube channel. FGTeeV is one of the most well-known and viewed family gaming YouTube channels with more than 17.2 billion views.

FGTeeV Duddy channels cover a wide range of gameplay videos, challenges, adventurous, travelogues, reviews, travelogues, unboxing toys, comedy, music, and many more.
The content of the FGTeeV channel mostly overlaps. The family’s well-known channel ‘FGTeeV’ has more than 10 million subscribers on YouTube. In comparison, the remaining YouTube channels have over 20 million subscribers combined.

FGTeeV Family
FGTeeV Family / Photo

FGTeeV Family

The Family Gaming Team Extraordinary Entertaining videos contain five family members named Duddy, Mommy, Alexis, Mike, Shawn, and Chase. Duddy, Vincent Carter, runs many family gaming YouTube channels like ‘FGTeeV’, FV Family, The SkylanderBoyAndGirl, DohMuchFun, and ‘FUNnel Vision.

Duddy is passionate about music, animation, and adventure. He is known as one of the coolest dads on the YouTube channel. Young children love to see FGTeeV Family as the FGTeeV Duddy spends all the time participating in funny activities with his children.

Fame and Achievements

From family activity on YouTube, they got nearly 3M subscribers and over 3 billion channel views, “the Family Gaming team Extraordinarily Entertaining Videos” behind its broadcasts combination funny activities and gameplay videos.

Their package of six diverse gameplays includes Minecraft demos, Angry Birds, Let’s Play Super Mario Maker videos, and Lego Dimensions toy unboxing clips. And their many gameplay videos have millions of views, such as the Let’s Build and Play LEGO Dimensions” episode, which got more than 17M views.

Their other YouTube extensions also got fame, such as kids’ channel, “The SkylanderBoy AndGirl,” and “FUNnel Vision,” that shows family vlog, funny videos, adventures videos. The channel “DohMuchFun” broadcasts unboxing toy videos for children.


FGTeeV is a very kind, happy, funny, and lovable family. They got their fame very rapidly and still are on the path to success. They earn about 13 thousand dollars per day with over six million subscribers and more than six billion views on their videos.


To conclude, I would like to say that this channel is superhit for family gaming purposes. FGTeeV Family channel is entertaining people with their comedy content. This channel is also earning very well till now. The total income of this FGTeeV is $40m.
The net worth may increase in the future due to the rapid increase in followers and subscribers. Well, you can get a happy environment with your kids by watching their funny activities.

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