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What is Eric Barone Net Worth?

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Eric Barone Net Worth: Eric Barone. Barone was the sole designer, artist, programmer, and composer for a farming simulation PC game called Stardew Valley. As of 2022, The net worth of Eric Barone is about $34M. This wealth is primarily from his video game. Eric Barone is the sole developer of the game, and this means he gets to keep all the returns from the video game.

Name: Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone
Other names: ConcernedApe
Gender: Male
Age: 34 years old
Birth Date/Birthday: 17 January 1987
Birth Place: Los Angeles, California, United States
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: American
Height/How Tall: 1.75 M
Weight: 65 Kg
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Marital Status: Single
Wife/Spouse (Name): No
Children: No
Dating/Girlfriend (Name): Amber Hageman
Alma mater University of Washington Tacoma
Does he have tattoos?: No
Smoking: No
Drinking: Yes
Profession: Video game developer
Net Worth in 2022: $34 million
Last Updated: 2022

When Eric Barone began to study computer engineering he never imagined that his games to Harvest Moon since he was a child would end up becoming a title cataloged by many as the best episode of the saga … even if it does not belong to this one. The arrival of Stardew Valley to Nintendo Switch is a reward that closes the circle started in Xbox Live Indie Games years ago and that, finally, can be enjoyed on all home consoles of the present generation.

Eric Barone Net Worth
Eric Barone / Photo

In College

In his time in college, he already imagined how to improve the elements of the Marvelous saga, how to make a virtual farm that place in which to invest hours and discard all the evil that he had suffered during the day in a relaxed atmosphere. the lonely time, a peaceful environment where it gave the feeling that time was not passing. He alone, disconnected but trapped.

He himself said in Kotaku that he considered himself a rather lonely guy, that social relationships were not very good for him, but his main form of communication was always more non-verbal. That inability to know how to be part of the society that surrounds him led him to want to develop his own video game, and Stardew Valley is still a response to his own life, to his hobby shared by so many others.

“ I think I was always a lonely guy , kind of like a hermit . But I am self-sufficient, ”he said. “ I don’t have many friends , I don’t go out much. I am an introvert. Art is a way of connecting with other people. It is for me a way to communicate and to express to others who I really am . I think that everyone feels the need to belong or that they can connect with society in some way. My way of doing it is this other ”.

Time to make it real

And this is how what initially began as a hobby ended up becoming his ‘full-time job’, a project in which all the ideas to make a JRPG of management, of agrarian life, were embodied, but without the support of any kind in his native Canada, and without the support of anyone other than his own patience.

In some interviews, he admits having dedicated more than ten hours a day to the development of Stardew Valley, even on weekends. In order to do this, it was supported by Greenlight at the beginning of 2013, constant feedback from those who were testing the betas to improve, and outline some details to improve. If something could be inherited from Animal Crossing or Harvest Moon, that had to be absorbed in some way; in the same way, if something did not like about those franchises, it was necessary to prevent it from reaching the playability of the Barone title.

The media that echoed the title came to consider it as the most anticipated indie of that time, a time when everyone was paying attention to the brand new Sony and Microsoft consoles, PS4 and Xbox One, hostile terrain at that time. Then, and things in life, they ended up being the most ambitious destination in the game, arriving not only in digital format but also in physical format.

Stardew Valley

According to SteamSpyStardew Valley has sold about 3 million units on Steam alone, so nothing that has taken a single dollar per game sold, money will be no longer a problem. At 25 years of age and without any apparent economic setback thanks to the tremendous success of the game, the future of ConcernedApe, his studio, is glimpsed with more lights than shadows, although there were numerous moments in which everything could have happened. ended up being a mere unfinished story. For him, despite everything, that story can only be concluded by those who give his personal project a chance.

Eric Barone Net Worth
Eric Barone / Photo

The Story of Eric Barone

Eric Barone is the developer of one of the most successful indie games in history, Stardew Valley.

His journey lasted 5 long years, full of challenges, doubts, and the desire to give up many times.

But he persevered and despite all the difficulties he managed to complete and publish the game.

Here then I will tell you the story behind this game that has sold over 10 million copies to date.

The game

Stardew Valley is a simulation RPG game and was heavily inspired by the Harvest Moon series.

Eric Barone applied several improvements to this game and used it to develop his design and programming skills.

The consequence of this was a complete and very detailed farm simulation game.

In this game you inherit your grandfather’s farm and have the opportunity to take care of that farm, planting seeds and taking care of your cattle.

You can also visit the nearby city and chat with the inhabitants of that city.

Everything you do improves your character’s energy.

The journey

Eric Barone had a very clear idea, creating a game based on a series of farm simulation games.

In his view, this series had already lost its way.

And with a desire to make a better game, he decided to get down to business and make a game on his own, even though he had never made a game before.

With that, he created a blog where he constantly publicized the progress of his project.

During this period Eric Barone was working in a theater in Seattle, USA.

There he earned a part-time income and took night shifts.

The difficulties

Eric Barone never had the desire to become a game developer.

Graduated in IT, what he really wanted was to have a good job in the field and live his life around it.

But soon after graduating, he pursued several jobs in the field and was never successful.

It was then that he realized that to be successful in the field, he needed to improve his design and programming skills.

That’s how he came up with the idea of ​​programming games just for fun.

He started with a small, very simple game and improved as he grew the game.

As a result, his design and programming skills were also improved.

So Eric Barone took a long time to define how the game was going to be.

He, for example, drew the characters at least 10 times until it got the way he wanted it.

And as the game grew, a company approached him and asked if he wanted to publish the game.

Game launch

Eric Barone came up with the idea and although the game was exactly how he wanted it, months before the release he was very insecure, thinking often about giving up or letting it go.

He was afraid it wouldn’t work out, but talking to his friends he decided to move on.

The game was then released on February 26, 2016, by Chucklefish, what he and no one expected was the success that this game would have.

Today the game exceeds 10 million copies sold and has been released over the years for various platforms.

What can we learn?

As developers, the first thing we need to learn is how Eric Barone saw the market and how he used it to his advantage.

He saw a series of games with several problems and a solid community.

These games did not meet 100% what this community wanted and this was Eric Barone’s opportunity to create a better game than the ones that already existed.

This community was an important factor because, many times, there are very good games that don’t sell almost anything and that’s because there isn’t a community interested in this type of game.

And the last very important thing was that Eric Barone listened to the community.

Not only did he apply improvements with the ideas in his head, but he created a blog where he reported all the progress of his game and mostly listened to people’s feedback.

This made the game meet all the needs of the community interested in this type of game.

Publicizing your game before launch was also a crucial step.

When released, Stardew Valley already had people who knew the game and were interested in playing the game that they themselves helped make.

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