Elite Dangerous is free on the Epic Store, can your PC handle it?

Despite the fact that the launch of Elite Dangerous, one of the best-known and most recognized space simulators, occurred back in 2015, today it is still a fairly graphically demanding game. During this weekend you can get it for free at the Epic Store, but can your PC move it properly? We are going to tell you how to get Elite Dangerous for free and what are its requirements to play it on PC.

Elite Dangerous is a game well-acclaimed by critics for its great amount of detail in terms of space simulation, and in fact there are many HOTAS-like peripherals dedicated to it. Simulation games try to be as true to life as they can be, and this sometimes means that they have quite high graphics requirements, yes.

How to get Elite Dangerous for free

Starting today and until November 26, you can get Elite Dangerous for free in the Epic Store (it’s not that you can play for free, it’s that in this period you can add it to your account at zero cost and it will be yours forever). You simply have to go to the Epic Store (both from the client and from the web, as long as you have previously logged in) and you will see that it appears among the free games. You can also go directly to the game page at Epic Games .

Simply go to the game page, click on get and you will get to the “purchase” process, which in this case, as it is free, has zero cost. It is as if you buy a game normally on this online platform but literally at zero cost.

Once you make the “purchase” (for which you do not need to have a credit card or PayPal associated) the game will appear in your digital library, from where you can proceed to install it.

Minimum requirements, recommended and tips

As we said Elite Dangerous is a somewhat graphically demanding game, despite the fact that it was released in April 2015 and obviously does not have the graphics of a modern game. The developer (Frontier) has published the requirements to play it at 720p and 1080p (minimum and recommended respectively), but they are requirements that, from my own experience, do not conform to reality. Therefore, we are going to add to the table a column of the requirements recommended by HardZone, which are so that you can enjoy the game at maximum at 1080p resolution and even in multi-monitor configurations and at 60 FPS or more stable.

Minimum requirements (720p)Recommended Requirements (1080p)HardZone Recommended Requirements
ProcessorQuad Core 2 GHzCore i7-3770K
AMD FX-4350
Core i7-6700K
Ryzen 5 2600
Graphic cardNVIDIA GTX 470
AMD R7 240
GeForce GTX 770
Radeon R9 280X
GeForce RTX 2060
Radeon RX 5600
Disc space25 GB25 GB25 GB
OSWindows 7 (7/10 64 bitWindows 7 (7/10 64 bitWindows 7 (7/10 64 bit

In this table, as you will see, the graphics card that we personally recommend is much higher than that recommended by Frontier, but we have tried this game and the requirements that they recommend are completely insufficient when you want to go from a 1080p monitor and 60 FPS, and this is common (in simulators it is very normal to play with 3 monitors ).


In any case, it is not that you need a next-generation gaming PC to play Elite Dangerous decently, since after all it is a game with graphics from five years ago and that have not been improving over time. However, if you want a good FPS rate, play with several monitors or play at high resolution and with all the graphic settings at maximum , it is not that you are going to be able to enjoy it to the fullest with an old or low-end PC.


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