The Demon’s Souls gaming community has found a secret passageway in the Remake version. The door is hidden behind an illusory wall and it is unclear what lies beyond.

Like all the video games in the Souls saga, Demon’s Souls Remake has many secrets and hidden corridors that can give you shortcuts or access to additional treasure, but it seems that Bluepoint Games may have added a new Easter egg for the PS5 remake. since a new secret door was added but this one is impossible to open. 

Sui well it was the same players who have discovered what seems to be a new door quite early in the game, so far it is not known what is behind it since the community of players has not known how to get the access.

This has been discussed in the pages of the Demon’s Souls player community and the most curious thing is that nobody knows how to open it. The new door, which is behind an illusory wall that you must attack to reveal, is located in the Tower Knight Archstone area. 

It is commonly called “1-3” in Demon’s Souls fan circles due to how the game progresses between the top five Archstones. The wall itself is even obscured by some breakable debris, but you will be greeted with a “appears to be locked” message if you try to open the door.

It should be mentioned that users of the video game’s Reddit page have not been able to figure out what is behind the door or how to open it, but it seems that this will be the next great mystery of Souls until someone does. To see the door for yourself, you can advance through the contents of the first Archstone, but it is recommended that you follow a circular pattern around the Nexus.

You will also have to complete an area before moving on to the next Archstone. Going through all of the Archstone content first will likely leave you with some extremely difficult fights. Demon’s Souls is arguably the highlight of the PS5 launch line, showing off the power of the new console.

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