The Epic Games Store has put a Christmas spin on their weekly free games promotion : Instead of giving away a PC game each week, it will give free access to one game each day . Thus, from today December 17 and for two weeks we will be able to access the digital platform to claim a title at zero cost.

The promotion started today and the chosen one was Cities: Skyline for PC. The game can now be claimed for free through this link and will be available until tomorrow, Friday, December 18, at 5:00 p.m. (Spanish peninsular time), when it will be replaced by a mysterious game whose name has not yet been revealed .

Additional discounts on Cities: Skyline add-ons

The version of Cities: Skyline that can be downloaded for free for PC from the Epic Games Store is the most basic, but those who are interested in expanding the experience can purchase the add-on packs at a reduced price ; The Deluxe Edition can be purchased for only 1.99 euros more , while for example the Snowfall expansion is reduced to 5.49 euros. You can see all the game accessories with their respective sales here .

Although it can now be downloaded for free, Cities: Skyline is regularly priced at € 24.99 on the Epic Games Store . It is a work developed by Colossal Order and edited by Paradox Interactive. In this game we are allowed to create and plan our own city, including its neighborhoods and districts, taking into account aspects as essential as the transport network or political actions.

Cities Skylines

Cities: Skyline was released on PC more than five years ago, specifically in March 2015 , and since then it has not stopped updating with the add-ons that we talked about above. Later it was also published on consoles with adaptations to PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch , always maintaining the same level of simulation as the original but shaping its control schemes to those platforms.

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