Will Smith “loses” his teeth playing golf with Jason Derulo | VIDEO

  • The actor shows his good humor despite the accident suffered.

  • The video already has more than two million views.

Will Smith scared his followers with a joke that he shared on his social networks, in the images he is seen playing golf with singer Jason Derulo in a closed place of his mansion. Only that the situation was expensive for Smith by a “hard blow” and the “loss of his teeth.”

First, the protagonist of “Soy Leyenda” is seen correcting Derulo’s golf ball shooting technique. The actor decides to record the moment and the singer complains about the recording, but Smith convinces him that they can capture his release.

Smith forces him to face the ball and bend his knees slightly. Derulo prepares and shoots. “Don’t pitch yet,” the actor tells the singer.

However, the musician does not calculate well and his stick “hits the mouth” of the Hollywood star. Smith’s supposed teeth fly out as he crawls across the ground with great pain marks.

“Put ice there,” exclaims Derulo, who is looking for a reason to leave as quickly as possible. Thus, the protagonist of “Men in Black” tells him that now it’s his turn. “It’s my turn, it’s my turn. You just need one swing, ”he says. This is how he slaps the artist on the crotch.

Then they both clarified that it was all a joke. ” And never came back to see Jason Derulo” , said Smith sharing the clip on your social networks. For his part, Derulo commented that he knew a good dentist and that he wrote to him as an intern to give him the information. It should be noted that this is not the first time that both have recorded a viral sketch where they show their sense of humor.

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