Who Is Halsey’s Boyfriend? Meet Alev Aydin

Alev Aydin is the father of the first baby that Halsey is expecting, he knows the story that united the singer and the writer.

On January 27, 2021, Halsey shared that she would become a mother for the first time, her baby’s dad is Hollowood producer and writer Alev Aydin, how did the love story between them start?

Through Instagram, Halsey announced her first pregnancy with a nice photo session that completely caught the heart of the Internet, do you know the father of the baby of the American singer?

Alev Aydin and Halsey have been friends since 2019, in January of that year, the singer-songwriter and the writer were seen during a Lakers basketball game, months later he published a photo and thanked the moments together.

During October 2020, the two visited a very famous store where they sell art and collectibles, the images showed the duo very close, Alev Aydin took Halsey’s arm .

Despite the famous couple’s multiple outings, dates, and interactions, neither party officially confirmed their relationship, although Halsey fans did note the good chemistry they had.


Alev Aydin is a popular Hollywood writer, producer, actor, and director who stood out in the entertainment world for his work on 2017’s ‘Small Shots’ and ‘Controller and HipMen: Los Angeles’ from the same year.

The age of the father of Halsey’s first child is not known exactly, but it is believed to be between 20 and 30 years old, he is a discreet person on social networks, he has a Twitter and Instagram profile.

As for his personality, the boyfriend of Halsey could be defined as someone who loves his family, he is fond of cinema, classic films, cars, art photography, books and gastronomy. WOOW!

Alev Aydin and Halsey will start a new stage in their lives, they will start a family full of love and union. He took the news of the pregnancy well and shared Halsely’s set of photos on Instagram Stories and added heart emojis.

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