Who Is Giggity4204? Giggity 4202 Became The Goggles Trend Over Night

The unknown TikTok user Giggity4204 intentionally targeted 2 million views. She urged users to google her name and plotted successfully.

Her TikTok user name somehow has become a trend. Followers followed by each searched her username @giggity4204 which surprisingly made her trend.  

We’ve jotted everything you need to know about the trend Giggity 420.

The Giggity Trend Explained:

Giggity posted a cryptic video. Then, she attracted her followers by posting a video, where she made her followers search ‘Giggity 420’. It turned out to be trending.

The newly rising social media star, Giggity 420, recorded herself through a tripod; she was typing ‘Giggity 420’ into the search panel. Giggity naturally made her users do it; some did out of curiosity or nowhere.

The whole natural scenario made the user feel that the result would be straight.

For instance, if you take your google and search for her username, @giggity4202, the very least indexes would be visible. This is a public act to create and welcome new traffic to her account and other social media platforms owned by Giggity. Her original tik tok video has gained over 2 million views trending top at the for you page. In short, her so-call idea of generating new traffic has resulted successfully.

She might be trying to increase her engagement rate from her TikTok account to her Instagram account. If you search for her Instagram account, you will get a better idea of her so-called publicity stunt.

Giggity4202 – Viral Video:

It’s never a miss if you try something like this. But, of course, Giggity is not the only person to set herself on trend. Over social media, you will find many people tricking and gaining followers like this. No doubt, Gigggiti attracted fame overnight; the craze had buckled up.

The trend is to create a video, by screen recording your search bar with your tiktok username. Then, post the video without showing the result because, yes, you have no such significant result to show. Better leave it the way it is, out of curiosity, this will lead the user to search your username, and somehow after a while, you will trend or attract new traffic towards your account.

Moreover, Giggity’s sound in her video has been taken over by 54k users making their videos under the original sound. However, not everyone is following the Giggity 420 trend.

Giggity4204 net worth is unavailable at the moment.

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