Who is Bianca Dominguez, Everything You Need To Know

Bianca Dominguez, the model who was with MC Kevin when he fell from the fifth floor of a hotel near Rio de Janeiro last Sunday, said that she charged $ 380 for participating in the sexual encounter with the singer and a friend night the event occurred. tragedy.

The model confirmed to the Record channel that she met Kevin Nascimento Bueno and a friend of his, the musician Victor Elias Fontenelle, on a beach in Barra da Tijuca, in Rio, and agreed with them a sexual encounter for 2,000 reais (380 dollars).

“I went to do my job and then I was going to go back to my hotel. We agreed to 2,000 reais, they approached me, I didn’t go looking for them. Now they are judging me in every way. I am also a person and I am traumatized by what I saw, “she said in messages to Brazilian television Records.

MC Kevin Dies
MC Kevin /Photo

Bianca had an alias: Andreza Albuquerque

The 26-year-old, born in Sorocaba, in the interior of São Paulo, describes herself on social media as a fitness model and shows herself in many photos on the beach, in the gym, and on trips to places like Chile and Paris.

Bianca Dominguez
Dominguez during a trip to Chile (Photo: Instagram @i_biandominguez)

However, as the Folha de Sao Pablo newspaper revealed, Bianca’s photos also appear on various luxury escort sites under the name Andreza Albuquerque. Although the profiles were deleted after the repercussions of MC Kevin’s death, some are still circulating on the web.

In 2017, the model was on the cover of Sexy magazine, where she told a little about her intimacy, stating that she liked to show her body and that she was in a phase where she adored her freedom, so she was not looking for a romance.

Bianca Dominguez
(Photo: Instagram @i_biandominguez)

Dominguez also spoke at the time that he was attracted to educated, kind, and charming men and that he is very liberal. “I have sex with love. I think there are several ways to love, it depends on the couple and their dedication as well, “she added.

After MC Kevin’s death, Bianca ended up with her face and name exposed on websites and newspapers. At the police station, where she gave testimony on Monday, she was even involved in a fight with the musician’s wife, lawyer Deolane Bezerra.

In her networks, the model said that the incident was “one of the saddest of my life” “Many things that came out in the press or on social networks in recent days have deeply shocked me because everything that happened was a great impact,” she said.

How the investigation continues

In her testimony, Dominguez claimed that she had sex with Fontenelle in the hotel room where the accident occurred, and then went out onto the balcony with MC Kevin. At that moment, the musician would have been surprised by a knock on the door.

Bianca Dominguez
(Photo: Instagram @i_biandominguez)

One of the hypotheses of the investigation is that MC Kevin imagined that it would be his wife at the door and, therefore, tried to jump to the balcony of the room below when he fell. Another possibility would be that the singer tried to jump into the pool as a joke.

The musician, who was treated still alive by the Fire Department, died shortly after due to a head injury, according to the autopsy.

Investigators listened to several people at the hotel and confiscated cell phones to see if the versions match. There were at least five devices, including those of MC Kevin, Bianca, Victor (two cell phones), and Deolane Bezerra.


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